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God at Work
Before Paul experienced God's presence, Paul was a persecutor of Christians. But then God came to him and changed him for the better. His name was then changed to Saul and he preached the gospel to so many different places and people. God used Paul's (More)
God at Work
Throughout his entire life, God "used," or sorta built up and prepared Paul for his life in the ministry. Similar to Paul, God is preparing me for something bigger in later life. Whether it be ministry or something different, I don't yet know. Some o (More)
Christian Persecution: Iraq
This it the video that we had at our station. (More)
Christian Persecution in India
This month we did a Christian Persecution project. We got to learn about the country India. It is currently number 15 on the world wa (More)
Christian Persecution in Laos
Names of Jesus
This week in Bible we have been studying the different "Names of Jesus". My name for Jesus was "Lord." The Hebrew word for God given to Moses was YHWH. The Jews thought this name was too sacred to be said out loud so, they used another word “Adonai”- (More)
God Sightings
This weekend I saw God at my sisters swim meet. Everyone has different talents. One of my sisters talents is swimming. She uses swimming to show other people God. We all have talents and we shouldn't hide them. We should show God to others through ou (More)
God Sightings
This weekend I saw God through the new opportunity to play indoor soccer. I have never ever played indoor soccer and the last time I played soccer was 3rd grade. It was fun to try something new and it was cool to have a new experience and I know ther (More)
bible about what I over the week end
I think that everybody should be thinking about the parables, I saw that a man in the back of mcdonalds was complaining that he was not getting enough money for his college, so then he kept complaining and complaining so then he was Just fired, so I (More)
God Sightings
This weekend I seen God mostly in nature and the season of Fall. When my family was driving to church on Sunday, the radio was, (we listen to christian music), and I was looking outside and I seen the beauty in all the colorful trees with there leave (More)
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