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The Bible P.B.L.
this year in bible class we did a P.B.L. (Project Based Learning)! this was an experience that was very enjoyable for everyone there. My group was Somalia. For our project, we did a video, keynote and a visual presentation. Our visual presentation wa (More)
Our Group work very well together, we did ours in the party bus and had posters and a basketball game and we learned a lot about christian persecution around the world and in Indonesia. We answered the 2 questions well by having a pray and educate se (More)
Christian Persecution PBL
Over the past few weeks, we've been learning lots about Christian persecution around the world. Then we had to create an exhibit to show how Christians are persecuted in one certain country, and what we can do to help. The country that my group and I (More)
Present Day Persecution
In class we were studying present day Christian persecution. My group was assigned Sudan for our presentation. We had a TV with a video that we made talking about persecution in Sudan and we had a poster painted like Sudan's flag with facts written o (More)
Christian Persecution in Laos
For the past couple of weeks, we have been studying persecution in the world. My group made our PBL about Laos and the Christians that got persecuted for their belief in God. More)
Beginning of Year Reflections
One thing I enjoyed this year is worship team. Its time for us to unwind and just hangout together(in a calm way) We all enjoy it and we get along. I also enjoy Social Studies. Since we have been put in groups we need to work together. So this is som (More)
Beginning of Year Reflections
This year has been a really good year so far. One thing I've enjoyed was going to camp and being with people who aren't in my classes, and growing closer to God through that. One thing I've learned this year is that I'm going to have to always stay o (More)
Beginning of Year Reflections
One thing that i enjoyed this school year is that I get to play volleyball for school and travel soccer. I have enjoyed hanging out with people in my homeroom. One thing that i learned this year is that if you fail at something don't be afraid to ask (More)
Beginning of year reflection
One thing you have enjoyed about this year I enjoyed 8th grade camp 2. One thing you have learned in school this year I learned to be organized and to get homework done on time. 3. One thing you are looking fowrward to this year. I (More)
Beginning of the Year Reflections
this has been a strange and exciting school year for me so far. joining a class that has known each other for practically ever  it feel strange being "that new kid". but I can see a definite love for christ in this school. the community of this year (More)
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