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Spring Break To Do List
Play Minecraft Survival and Start a Life Play Legos Play Animal Jam Watch Youtube Watch the Building of the Walls Play Roblox Go to the Y Relax Watch T.v Listen to Music (More)
How to Get into The Christmas Spirit
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1f8ri4D6kHnf8jxSbuWYVYScjNE9RJNL8ptugMN96YnY/edit?usp=sharing (More)
I am like a Snowflake
I am like a Snowflake I am like a snowflake. Snowflakes are unique. No two snowflakes are the same. I am unique because I am good at telling bad jokes and cheering people up. Nobody will have my sense of cleverness and my ability to cheer people u (More)
Elwood Mansion Murder
The Elwood family was the only family on the entire lake with an elevator in their house. The elegant four floor mansion was purchased by Michael Elwood from the bank two years ago, after a rich elderly man passed away. The elevator was a necessity f (More)
The Hard But Right way
The Hard But Right way Josh Ribbens Have you ever read a story that changed your life? Here is a book that I think  could change your life like it has mine. The book is Dangerous  Journey. The Hard But Right way is suggested in the book, Danger (More)
Book by Leah Cooper My family is a book. My Mom is the outside of the book. She holds us all together and keeps us in place, where we should (More)
The State of Michigan Must Repair Its Roads
The State of Michigan Must Repair Its Roads By Josh Ribbens   The state of Michigan must repair its roads. There are three good reasons that this must happen. Bad roads makes it unsafe for travelers. Bad roads discourage tourism.  Without (More)
Every Kid Should have a Preschool Buddy.
Every Kid Should have a Preschool Buddy. by Josh Ribbens   Have you ever thought that hanging out with little kids would be fun to do? I never did until I had my own preschool buddy. I believe that every kid should have a preschool buddy. (More)
My Grandpa
The Sad Day By: Jordyn Harsevoort It was a dark gloomy night at our house on Sunday.  It was 5:00 p.m., and we were all hurrying to get ready for church.  Then we got a phone call.  The call was about my grandpa in the hospital,  this would be the (More)
How To Write A Picture Book...
#1- Read Boatloads Of Picture Books. #2- Be Original. #3- Reveal Characteristics Of Your Character Through Actions, Not Words. #4- Read Drafts Aloud. #5- Keep Yourself Grounded, Rejected? Try Try Again. Best Seller? Stay Humble. #6- You Need A P (More)
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