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Camp Reflection
Camp Reflection 2
Ephesians 2:4-10 - God is rich in Mercy. He has incomparable riches of grace and kindness. "It is the gift of God." Am I praising him for the incomparable riches that he gives us? Romans 12:3-16 - Everyone has a different gift to bring to the tabl (More)
Bible Exam Blog Post
Themes of the Old Testament
THEME- NAMES   My visual means that Satan (More)
Themes of the Old Testament
  Names More)
The Price is Right
With this math, I learned a lot more about probability that I would have if I did IMath. Becasue I am a auditory listener according to the interwebs, but every kid is a hands-on learned at heart. As I said in my previous awnser yes, I did learn mo (More)
Joy Joy is like a bright sunshine. It sounds like the ringing of bells. It tastes like your favorite food. It smells like christmas morning. It looks like a smile on a child\'s face. It feels like spring after a dark winter. &nbs (More)
Swimming Fast, intense Diving, splashing, kicking It get’s your adrenaline rushing Swimming   More)
Title Whining Willie Whining Willie This is Whining Willi (More)
Poetry by Jake DB
  Studying Studying is like Mid-evil torture It\'s tyranny in a country of democracy I want to put an end to this The word \"studying\" comes from the phrase student dying Nothing is this horrific Millions of kids suffer from this crime a (More)
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