God at Work

In bible we have leaned a lot about Saul/ Paul and how so many things in his past have prepare him for is life right now. Paul was born into a wealthy family and his family was able to afford a private teacher for Saul this helped him to know a lot more at a younger age. He had duel citizenship for both romans and jewish this let him have many privileges. When he got older he went to school to be a pharisee so he was very educated in the torra.

I think God is working in me and i think of my best spiritual gifts is trying to help people there hard times. Many people have come to me when they go through hard stuff and I need to try to help them through it. I have not been the smarts but i think i learn from my mistakes. I think from learning and knowing where i went wrong, how to change, and how to fix it. God has bless me so much!


I volcano worked ok. It looked like the real one and we tried to make it explode but I did not put the mentos in right and I let my group down. Besides that, it was very good and I have a great time making it!


I group worked very good together. We had a chance to talk to the representative of the voice of the martyrs and we learned a lot from him. I learned a lot from this project like how many stuff needs to change and how we can help. We made a video about persecution and how are classmates for there thoughts on it.


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Tilted towers

We built our tower very strong. I think we could have made the top stornger. Me and my group worked very good together. I think our group will past the test

8th Grade Theme Writing

Ty Dykhouse

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8B

11 September, 2017


10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:10-11


I am going to show God love even more in my school and to others in the world. This is how I want to show love and help others find him through me. We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world.

I want to show people I care and love them this year. During this school year, I want to show love by as simply as saying hey to someone new people in the halls. I know I might have my group and people I hang out with but maybe if I change it up and invite new people in they will feel more included and loved. The last part of the theme says “Since God loved us,  We also ought to love one another.” A way to show this is by,  treating others the way we want to be treated. I can do this by thinking if I were them would I like this? I also want to show God’s love by being nice to some of the “difficult” 7th graders even when it’s hard to. I can show this theme many ways at school.

God has blessed me with many ways to show love to people in the word. This is how I want to glorify. As Christians, we can also show this theme to the world. Remembering that it was just 9/11 and thinking about the hate that we all carry because of It, I was thinking. Doesn’t the bible say forgive you, enemies? If we do this don’t you think our world will be filled with more love? Showing love can be as easy as saying nice job after a play. During my football season, I want to say “good job” more and more as the season goes on. I need to work on keeping my eyes open to ways I need to serve. I think one of the ways God has called me served is blessing me with the opportunity by going to the Philippines. When I am there I want to be ready to serve at all times and to be a light that shines God the each and every one the children.

We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world. Our grade has picked this theme for a reason and I want God to help me and tell me why I need “love” in my life and how can I show others it also.



Beginning of Year Reflections

This school year I have enjoyed reading class. I have found myself not liking to read over the past couple years. But I really enjoyed “The Outsiders” I had lots of action and a good storyline.

In science, I made a pretty cool boat. I learned how the wind affects the stability of my boat. my group’s boat completed with an 11 sec

I am looking forward to timber wolf and going there with my class. I really want to go on the gocarts!


During this summer I didn’t do much. I went camping the first week off school. I went in a motor home because me dad got the plugs. It was a nice camper. We spent 2 weeks in Pentewater. I love the town there it is so nice and cool. They have a cool candy store with over priced candy. I got a jaw breaker. I loved camping. I would go again.

Africa Intro. Activity

New things learned…

  • I learned that they don’t have all the things we have taken for granted running water, cold food, clean water ect. We have all these things and we take them for granted. I leaned that they have a short live. 52 years and my great grandma is 98. She could maybe double them!

Things I already knew…

  • I knew we where blessed but we don’t think of us as blessed till we here how they have to live and all the things they have to go though just in one day.

Questions I thought of…

  • I wonder how I would live in Africa like if I was born there what would life be like? I also wonder if they have the same ice cream! (just for fun)

The Eagle Huntress….

The Eagle Huntress….

What happened?

  • The girl wanted to be like her dad. She wanted to be a eagle huntress. She ended up following him. He elders did not think she could. They were very rude. She went to this Eagle hunter contest and boys do not do this thing. She ended up wining it all. The elders where shocked but they come up with other things to say like, “Oh it was the bird.” They think she was fake cause she didn’t hunt in the winter yet. So, her dad took her hunting in the winter. She got a fox!

Why was it cool?

  • It was funny seeing the look on the elders face. Many of they guys said, “girls say inside and do house work,” and she ended up braking a record for fastest bird time. I was like, “looks who is talking, lets see you do better!” But the way girls can’t do things and guys can… Well it’s just rude! Thats not ok I don’t think that happens that much in the USA.

What now?

  • I think we need to support the same opportunities for girls and boys. I know we do all ready but it still happens from what I saw.


Birmingham Movie Reflection

Seeing this movie it was hard to see. But I was thinking what if his was me! What if I was a cop beating up kids! I don’t know how I would live with myself knowing what I stand up for!

Reflection- Ty Dykhouse




The promised land- The Israelites  had to trust God. They had to believe that he would provide for their needs. God provided them food he gave them manna. They also had to trust that he would calm the Jordan river when they crossed the river. The theme helps me see that behind all the hard things that we go through in life there is good stuff and the end. The Israelites had to be in slavery for a long before they came to the promised land. There was blood sweat and tears. But after all that they got to the promise land. Is was cool to march around the wall and and we yelled out like the Israelites it. I was like I was letting out all my stress and emotions out. I just felt like a new person.


Symbol of lamp- God told David that his line would would run forever. He made a covenant with David. It was really cool because in when God said that he was pointing to Jesus’ coming. Jesus was related to David. I chose the spotlight because God is like a spotlight. When we are in dark times God can shine in it and make it clear. God shines the light on our path. We can be going in the wrong direction in hard times but God can help us by using that spotlight and make us go in the right direction. I think it is good to know that God is with us in the dark times. This theme fits because David was going through some hard times. Like when Sal was trying to kill him. God help David to see that he had to stay calm and treat others the way he wanted to be treated. This theme means a lot to me because there have been some hard times recently. It is good to remember that God is with us and that he is with us with that spotlight.

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-6-49-59-pmCall- God called people to do different things in the Bible. He called Noah to make a ark, he called Moses to deliver the Israelites out of slavery. I think one of the most important call was Moses because he had to up. He had to go in front of Pharaoh and tell him about God. That had to talk some guts to do that. I picked this visual because I think that it fits in so good. God can be calling us telling us “hey, what’s up” but it is up to us to pick up the phone and answer. It goes the same for God sometimes we call too but it is up to God to answer. God can say “not now” or “what’s up.” I think that is our job to pickup the phone when ever God is calling us to do something but that’s not the case all the time. What I took from this was. I want God to open my eyes and call me to do more. My sister had the opportunity to go the the Philippines and she was called to do that. I feel like I am the same. I really want to go the the Philippines and see life in a different way.  


A Savior- Jesus comes to earth to forgive our sins. During Jesus he did so much. He did so many miracles my favorite was when he walked on water. It was so cool when Peter ran out on the water without thinking and stayed on top of the water but then he realized he was on the water and stopped focusing on Jesus he started to sink. That is the same for us we lose are confuse on God and we start sinking. What I took from this was, Jesus died for us. He lived a perfect life but yet he died for us. We need to tell people about how Jesus sacrificed so much for us. It is now are job to tell people about Jesus and heaven and how nice it is going to be. I picked the picture because when Jesus died on the cross it was like we where realist form are punishment. 

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-6-50-18-pmSinai Law- Moses went up the mountain to make the law but when he was up there the Israelite lost their focus on God. They became impatient. Moses brother Aaron tried to fix it by pleasing them by making a golden calf. He called for them to give him all their gold and jewelry . They did as he said. They worshiped it and God told Moses what was happening. Moses came back  down. He was not happy and threw the tables on the ground. I picked this visual because it show that the is a law and boundaries. If you cross them there consequences. If we don’t cross the line and we do good we could be rewarded for our actions. It touched me when I saw all the things the Israelites had to go through when they sin. For us it is not as back because Jesus died on the cross for you and our sins are forgiven.



Covenant- God made many different laws so conditional some unconditional. Some of the most important covenants God made where the the rainbow. He said “I will never destroy the earth with a flowed again.” That covenant was unconditional he would never break that no matter what. God also gave Moses the 10 commandments. He gave us rules to follow. That was conditional because God was expecting us to met him. I chose the rainbow because it is a great visual of God’s covenant that he makes. Doing this one I thought why does God care this much about us? Why does he make this with us after all the bad this we do why does he care so much?



Conflict/Doubt- During this lesson we learned, that is is ok to have questions. We played a game. We divided the room into thirds. There was it’s ok, middle, and it’s not ok. Mr. Minkes went through different questions and we had to answer by moving throughout the room. Some of the questions were hard to to answer and made me think about it deeply. I learned that it is ok to have questions about God and if he really cares or if he is real. We just need to release that God has a plain for us. I chose this theme because, it shows that we do have questions and that we do think about things.

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-7-27-22-pmNames- God gave people different names. Some of the names were very significant. Some of the name of God are YHWH,  and El. YHWH means, relational God. Some people in the bible names fit in so good with there life. It seems like there name was just given to them right then. It just seem like names now and days names don’t mean as much. Like mine means tiles worker. What does that mean? Am I a builder of God’s kingdom? I picked this picture because I sometimes wonder that is an interesting name. What does that mean?  Does it mean something to their parents?




captura-de-pantalla-2016-09-27-a-las-8-06-33-am-1fgrm3w-300x162El tiempo en honduras es muy color. el tiempo es 81 c.

-Le tiempo en Honduras es muy húmedo

– le sol es siempre fuera

– El tiempo en honduras es muy color

-en unas lugar muy viento 

On the Wings of Heroes


A character that would be a good friend is… Davy!

1. What characteristics does this friend have that would make this person strong a strong friend – Davy is brave, trustworthy and funny!

2. How is this person just like you and how is he different – Me and Davy are both brave, trustworthy and funny! We are different because he lived in World War 2 times!

3. What kind of activities would you enjoy doing together – I would like to go looking for milk weed with Davy!

4.  What an example of a situation in the book that you can identify with – Davy is doing a paper drive and I got to recycle my paper at school!

Summary – In this chapter Davy and his Dad plucked the chicken. His dad first grabbed the chicken then killed chicken. They plucked the feathers of  stuffed is then boiled. Davy’s mom made veggies.



New words – condolences; an expression of sympathy, especially on the occasion of a death. Mangle; severely mutilate, disfigure, or damage by cutting, tearing, or crushing.

Rosa Parks By Ty Dykhose

Here is a video I made about, Rosa Parks! Hope you like it! This is a video 

Mystery on Mackinac Island

510HSgUJ1yL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Mystery on Mackinac Island

By Anna W. Hale

Summary – Rusty and Hunter went and staked out. They look for a spot at the arch rock but there was  no place to hide. it took some time but they found the right place. Kirby (the garbage guy) was also looking. The guys saw nothing, though!!!

Summary – Rusty and Hunter took Sunday off because the thief never took a bike on Sunday. On Monday Rusty when in the fort when Hunter look for the thief outside by the bikes he saw nothing! For lunch they went by the boat docks they saw a note that said “They didn’t hunt for no bikes. All they done was swim. At the Grand Hotel Bike shop they ask about some cripple riding a bike. Maybe he is the thief! – Greg,         Greg is being a spy for Kirby!

Connections – (Text-To-World) There are spy’s the the world! (Test-To-Self) When i was little we would play spy’s it was funny!

Acrostic- J – Just a main lander, A – Adventures, N – Non Caring.

Reflection – I would consider my self a  work in progress! I’m getting better every bay I read. This book has made me want to read even more it is very good! It is a great mysteries book placed on Mackinac Island! One of the beast books I read this year! I would highly recommend this book!

Summary – Hunter went to the old house (It is told to be hunted.) He went there to see if there was a trapped door to the basement! There was and not just that but there was bikes in the basement too!