Shiloh ch. 10

I wonder

I wonder why the German shepherd tried to eat or kill Shiloh.

I like

I like it when they were on the way home and like now one talk at all.


Shiloh Chapter 7

I wonder

I wonder you Martty loves this dog so much is it because he just got so attached to Shiloh, or he just dose not wont anything to happen to Shiloh.  

I like

I like the part of the chapter when he goes to his friends house and when he shows Martty his hermit crab.


My favorite character is Marty because he really loves Shiloh and he will put his life before Shiloh, like GOD does for us.

My lest favorite character is Judd Travers because he kills deer when they not in season  and he sucks on tobacco. Also, he is not nice.

Vocab words-

1) wringer-30- A device for removing water form clothes, mops, or other objects.

2) shadbush- 32 -Shrubs or trees with flowers and purple berries.

3) raggedy-33-Tattered or worn out.

Feburary 18-Chapter 5

Vocab words

1) nourish-38-To provide food for life.

2) commences-41-To begin or start

3) jowls-41- Fat or lower cheek overlying the jaw bone.