The Summer of Riley Chapter 5

I like

I like when that there was a sad part in this book because it make you get in the book. and when Doc. told them all a bout the horse. (I’m glade that the horse did not die).


I wonder

I wonder why Riley ran after Sultan and hurt it. And why did the author make the Sultan all most died.

The Summer Riley Chapter 3-4

imgresI had a connection to this book because my dog  was bad once too. She got out of the camper and she started to bark like CRAZY, she woke up some people and one person call the DNR I felt embarrassed. I think William felt bad when Riley almost killed the horse.

Shiloh Chapter 15

made a Connection to this book when my dog licked my face, I really like it when my dog licks my face because I now that she is happy to see me and that she loves me so much. I would refer this book to you because this book has really good connections for t dog lovers and for people how like to hunt.   I really like this book because I have a dog at home and I like to hunt. 


Shiloh Chapter 14

I wonder

I wonder why Judd Travers killed the baby doe when it was out of season.

I like

it when Judd and Marty bargained for Shiloh. Marty is going to work for 20 hours and he was not going to tell about the doe that Judd killed and Judd is going to give Shiloh up.