The Midnight Fox Chapter 4

imgres-1I Like!

I like all the stuff in the Petie Burkis Special what is: Home made dough, cut up hot sausages, luncheon meats, and different kinds of cheese.

I Wonder?

I wonder why he dose not eat so much, only once he fill up his stomach was at Peties when he ate the Petie Burkis Special.

The Midnight Fox


Tommy’s parent want to go on a trip to Europe because they are going to bike and sleep in fields and barns. Tom needs to go to his aunts farm ┬ábut he does not want to go. He has a talk with his mom and Tom still did not want to go. Then Tommy’s dad comes in his room and they have a talk too. Finally Tommy says ok ok ill do it. His father says make it look like you are so excited!!!