oldyellerInteresting words

1. Depredations     2.Frazzel

3. Promising         4.Middling

Physical Features         Personality

    1. Cute                         1. Smart  

2. Brown eyes            2. Rascal

3. Skinny                          3. Clever

4. Blond                    4.Helpful


Facts  about Texas

Texas has 215 cities with a population of 10,000 or more and 24 cities with more than 100,000 
The population of Texas is 26 million, not including the 14 million cattle.

Average yearly rainfall totals in West Texas are less than 8 inches while in East Texas totals 
exceed 56 inches.

Almost 10% of Texas is covered by forest which includes four national and five state forests.

Texas possesses three of the Top Ten most populous cities in the U.S. – Houston, Dallas and 
San Antonio.

Comparing Old Yeller to my Dog, Myia

By dog is a rascal because she gets in the trash.

My dog is protetive because she wants to keep us safe.

Are dog is smart because some times he eats are food of are counter top.

My dog barks very loud just like Old Yeller.


Part 1-2

One night Travis and Old Yeller sleep in the field to keep all the animals from eating there corn, watermelons and peas.  Old Yeller got to his feet fast and ran of while barking. I herd the barking and Travis started running giving enragement to Old Yeller. When Travin’s hound Old Yeller he saw him taking on a  boar raccoon. It toke a long time but they won! They also toke on a a skunk and got spared and Old Yeller tried to rub it off but it did not. They went back to bed and Old Yeller smelled so bad Travis moved, and 5 minutes later  he was back so Travis just lived with it.


I believe Hydrophobia is when a animal gets  bitten by a animal that was it and becomes Mad for no resin and bits at every thing!

Hydrophobia is a rabies desease. People thought is was caused because the animals was afraid of water. It is really caused when an animal with rabies get spasms in their throat that so painful that  they  cannot eat or drink even though they are very thirsty.

 Ch. 12


1 gritty: To show courages and resolve

 2 stout: A person thats fat or heavy

3 poultice: A soft mass of materials


Travis was in his house in be bedroom laying in his bed because he was hurt .

Comparing Ruth (from the bible) to Travis’s Mom

They both really care about there families. Both of them have to work hard because their husbands are no there. They both are kind when bad things happen.

Internet Research

1. Search with in the Domain by using .gov or .edo

2. Be more specific use 3 words instead of 1

3. Use the way back  machine to see the history of the site

4.Use google to search

5.You can use easy who is to see the oner of the site

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

imgresI LIKE

I like it when Nyasha see’s the king  he was a snake and then the changed into the king.

I Wonder

I wonder what the wedding was like?


Myasha: Kind and respectful.

Manyara: Bad temper and unhappy.

Singing Down the Moon

imgresI LIKE

I liked Bright Morning, Running Bird and Nehana rode there horse as fast as they can so they can get away from the Spaniards. I also liked  the reenactment of Easter.


I wondered if the Spaniards are going to catch up and whip them for running away.

Sing Down the Moon

imgresI LIKE

I like all they action and how misters it is. this author is very descriptive too!


I wonder  if bright morning is going to escape and go back home to here family?

Serving Others

 I can serve others by: holding open the door, helping them pick up something  if they dropped it, to give them a marker or  a pencil if they need it. If someone does not have a friend at the playground let them play with you. I could  give them a pat on the back and a word of encouragement.