Summery of Chapter 5

Chip wants to learn more about is birth parents. Chip and his beast friend (how is also adopted) breaks into his chips dad’s safe. They found his birth certificate his real name was Charles Haddingford Winston the third. They also found a yellow sticky note. it said, James Reardon (513) ¬†555-0192. they called the number… A voice boomed out of the phone: “Federal Bureau of Investigations. Reardon speaking.”

Summery of Chapter 9-10

Jonah and his family went to meet James Reardon to find out more about his adoption so they wait outside his offices and a janitor gave jonah a mountain dew. they got in and sat ¬†down James Reardon wont even say a thing about his Jonah’s adoption.

Summery of Chapter 25
Jonah got all letter that said “Adoptees tees on the Cusp of their teen Years… a Conference for Adolescent” Jonah was able to talk is Mom into bringing his sister. But Chips parents do not want to go so… he rode with Jonahs family.

Summery of Chapter 32