Vineyard Workers

This parable reminds us of grace because… no one deserves internal life!

Mark 9;35 means… Be savants to all.

How are the worlds standers different the heavens? You get payed of by working but in heaven we all have the same amount!

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Hidden Treasure and Pearls of the Great Price✞!™

The kingdom of heaven is like the treasure in the field because… I think the kingdom of heaven is not just given to get you need to earn you need to love God a lot to get it!✞

The kingdom of heaven is like the merchant looking of fine pearls because…  Once you find God you want to do any thing to get in to Heave and have to give every thing to God you need to make sure HE is your number one priority!



The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.01.19 AMA mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds but yet it can grow up to 1o feet in size!

The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed because… When a person puts there trust in God the Holy Spirit is inside them! The Holy Spirit will help you grow in faith with God!

The mustard seed Is like faith because… It just takes a little bit of faith to start growing in your faith and eventually you will have as much faith like a big mustard tree!

because of mr. terupt

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.09.51 PMIn my book each chapter is from a different persons point of view. when I say this for example- (Peter)  it means this is peter point of view!

Reflection- I’m going to compare me (Ty) to Jessica. Jessica she is new in the school! I’m not new I have been in my school for 4 years! Jessica likes books with happy endings i do too!

Summary- Luke the brain was trying to hind out what the dolor word is.

Reflection- If I would Spend a holiday (Thanksgiving) with one of  my character it would be Peter because he is a prankster and he would play some funny prank on a relative it would be so funny!!!

Summary- (Danielle) The whole class went into a class (a cool class for kids with special needs) that was in the basement of the school. Danielle, and Alexei (the bully) where in the same group. Danielle gave James (a smart kid with special needs) some pictures of her farm and went nuts (he loves farms!)  He started spiting out facts about farms! It was time to go and Danielle took the picture s form James, James started crying/screaming a really loud scream that scared Danielle! A teacher came over Danielle said James could keep the pictures. The teacher told James to say thank you but james said urg.

Compare-  I’m going to compare 2 charter in my book. Luke the brain and Jessica the new kid. Luke is very smart he has won all most all the $ words. Jessica is also smart but not as smart as Luke.

Compare- I’m going to compare 2 charters in my book. Alexie the mean/bully and Jefrey and Kid who does not like school! Well they both are good with kids with special needs. Jefrey is sometimes kind but is can be very grumpy at times. Alexie is bossy mean and a drama quean!

Inward Reflection- Some dreams that the main character has are… Anna (the main character) wants to be beast friends with Jessica. She wants her Mom to friends with Jessica’s Mom.

Outward Reflection- The setting in this book is in Anna’s bedroom. If the setting was change it wound change the way they interacted with Jessica.

Summary- (Jessica) Miss Kelsey entered the kids room, “I got some god news!” She said with a smile! James is going to be leaving the school. “More bad news, great” she thought” “This is good news of james because he has bean doing good at school and will go to school in his home town! He will have a chance to go to school like you!” Said Mrs Kelsey! The class was quite! Jessica knew she was suppose to be happy for James, but he was not she was not for any think right now! Mrs Kelsey look at the class puzzled why they where not happy. Well any was the Collaborative Classroom would like to invite you to a party to celebrate!