Mystery on Mackinac Island

510HSgUJ1yL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Mystery on Mackinac Island

By Anna W. Hale

Summary – Rusty and Hunter went and staked out. They look for a spot at the arch rock but there was  no place to hide. it took some time but they found the right place. Kirby (the garbage guy) was also looking. The guys saw nothing, though!!!

Summary – Rusty and Hunter took Sunday off because the thief never took a bike on Sunday. On Monday Rusty when in the fort when Hunter look for the thief outside by the bikes he saw nothing! For lunch they went by the boat docks they saw a note that said “They didn’t hunt for no bikes. All they done was swim. At the Grand Hotel Bike shop they ask about some cripple riding a bike. Maybe he is the thief! – Greg,         Greg is being a spy for Kirby!

Connections – (Text-To-World) There are spy’s the the world! (Test-To-Self) When i was little we would play spy’s it was funny!

Acrostic- J – Just a main lander, A – Adventures, N – Non Caring.

Reflection – I would consider my self a  work in progress! I’m getting better every bay I read. This book has made me want to read even more it is very good! It is a great mysteries book placed on Mackinac Island! One of the beast books I read this year! I would highly recommend this book!

Summary – Hunter went to the old house (It is told to be hunted.) He went there to see if there was a trapped door to the basement! There was and not just that but there was bikes in the basement too!

The Parable The Ten Talents

How dose this  parable help us think about the gifts and talents the God gave us.  We can be like the servent with 10,000. Use the gifts that God gave you and use if for Gods glory!

How can I use my Gifts in God’s Kingdom? Use it for good by telling other people about God through you gift!


The Parable of the lost Son

I’m going to pretend i’m the lost son. I’m going to pretend to write the a letter to the lost sons dad.

Dear Father,

Father i’m so sorry for taking my part of the birthright and leaving! Please forgive me!  Father I have sinned against both in heaven and you, and I am no longer worthy of being called your son. Please take me on as a hired servant!


Your Lost Son             prodigal_son

The Parible of the Marrige Feast

1.Who is the king? The king it God!

2. Who are the people who refused the invitation? They are the people who do not want to follow Jesus The refuse the invitation!

3. Who are the people who where brought in? They are people who took the invitation and want to follow Jesus. Any one can be like this God takes any one in! He loves us all!♡

Who is the the man who did not dress properly? He is the person who took the invitation but did not behave like the other followers of Jesuswedding_feast-1

The Parable of the Tenant

The meaning of this parable is… The kingdom of God will be taken form the Jew’s and given to any one who will accept Him!

Who are God’s special people? Any one who will accept him as there Savior.

How is the Kingdom of heaven given to us?  When Jesus died on the cross to forgive us form are sins!url