The Eagle Huntress….

The Eagle Huntress….

What happened?

  • The girl wanted to be like her dad. She wanted to be a eagle huntress. She ended up following him. He elders did not think she could. They were very rude. She went to this Eagle hunter contest and boys do not do this thing. She ended up wining it all. The elders where shocked but they come up with other things to say like, “Oh it was the bird.” They think she was fake cause she didn’t hunt in the winter yet. So, her dad took her hunting in the winter. She got a fox!

Why was it cool?

  • It was funny seeing the look on the elders face. Many of they guys said, “girls say inside and do house work,” and she ended up braking a record for fastest bird time. I was like, “looks who is talking, lets see you do better!” But the way girls can’t do things and guys can… Well it’s just rude! Thats not ok I don’t think that happens that much in the USA.

What now?

  • I think we need to support the same opportunities for girls and boys. I know we do all ready but it still happens from what I saw.