God at Work

In bible we have leaned a lot about Saul/ Paul and how so many things in his past have prepare him for is life right now. Paul was born into a wealthy family and his family was able to afford a private teacher for Saul this helped him to know a lot more at a younger age. He had duel citizenship for both romans and jewish this let him have many privileges. When he got older he went to school to be a pharisee so he was very educated in the torra.

I think God is working in me and i think of my best spiritual gifts is trying to help people there hard times. Many people have come to me when they go through hard stuff and I need to try to help them through it. I have not been the smarts but i think i learn from my mistakes. I think from learning and knowing where i went wrong, how to change, and how to fix it. God has bless me so much!


I volcano worked ok. It looked like the real one and we tried to make it explode but I did not put the mentos in right and I let my group down. Besides that, it was very good and I have a great time making it!