Beginning of Year Reflections

8th grade has been a very fun year so far, and I hope it stays fun. One thing I have enjoyed so far this year is just being around my teachers and classmates. One thing I have learned this year is that 8th grade involves a lot of leadership, and that leadership is a very important part of 8th grade. One thing I am looking forward to this year is all the fun activities that we are going to do.

Science Boat

This past week, we made boats in science class. One thing that did not work well for our boat is that it kept spinning around instead of going straight. One thing that did work well was that our boat actually looked like a boat. Overall, this project was fun even though our boat didn’t do the greatest.

Summer 2018

This summer was fun. I was very busy this summer. I played a lot of baseball this summer and hung out with friends.

I also went to Pennsylvania this summer. We went camping and went to Williamsport to watch some Little League World Series games. That was my favorite part of this summer.

This summer went by really fast. I was not ready for school to start just yet, but I am ready to see all my friends again.

Overall, this summer was one of the greatest yet. Hopefully next one will be better!


African Union Day

I would say that my African Union experience was mediocre. My research was good and my preparation was good but African Union day was not the greatest. I think that one of the reasons that Africa Union day did not go the greatest because my country does not support democracy and most countries did and that did not help out my country.

I got/learned from this experience is that all countries have their own perspectives and they support their own things and what they believe in. I also learned a lot about my country and all the other countries.


How did I see reconciliation in the movie?

The African Americans that lived in South Africa started to get along with the white people in South Africa through Rugby and Nelson Mandela.

One Character(s) that changed from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie

The whole Rugby team. They started to appreciate Nelson Mandela and they started to get along with the African Americans in South Africa.


I have learned a lot about Africa today. I had some knowledge about Africa coming into today, but not that much. I learned…

-People in Africa aren’t the most wealthy people ever, and they live in pooer communities

– There are a lot of countries in Africa, with lot’s of land and space

– I used to think that Africa is all a desert, but it is not

– Lot’s of different groups of people with their own cultures

– I used to think that they didn’t have any technology, but some people have some sort of technology

– Africa has lot’s of different animals

Europe Traveling Experience

Some of the challenges I faced while traveling were constantly having to get your passport signed and money exchanged, and the long line of people at the customs area. Some challenges I faced as a worker was having to work and move at a really fast pace.

One benefit I think each country would have by all the traveling is having people buy their bumper stickers and all the people who were tourists.

Bible Themes

Names have lots of different meanings. All names have a purpose and a meaning. God has different names, YHWH, which means loving, El which means creator and powerful God. My personal favorite of God’s names is El. My name, Tristan means tumult or outcry. When I think of names I think of one those “hello my name is” name tag. What do I think names mean, I think that each name has a purpose and meaning, and all names are important.


Bible Theme 2 – Covenant

A covenant is like another word for a promise. There are two different types of covenants, conditional and unconditional. A conditional covenant is when both groups of people have to keep their side of the agreement. An unconditional covenant is when the more powerful group pledges to keep their side of the agreement whether or not the less powerful group remains faithful. An example of a covenant in the bible is when God promised Noah with a rainbow that he would never flood the earth again, another example is the Ten Commandments. When I think of a covenant I think of the ten commandments stones. Covenants play an important role in life and covenants helped shape what has happened in the Bible.

Bible Theme 3 – Call

God calls us to act and do good, but we might not answer the call. God calls us to be kind, helpful, generous, selfless, being a good friend, and many more. Everyone has their own call that hopefully, they should answer. If you see a friend who needs help, helps them, if you see someone who just is having a bad day, cheer them up. In the Bible, God called the prophets to speak to the people, and they answered the call. When I think of a call, I think of a telephone. So in conclusion, God is calling us to act and do good for others, and we need to pick up the phone and answer that call.

Bible Theme 4 – Savior

Jesus is our Savior. What is a savior? A savior is someone who comes to save others from danger. God sent his one and only son, Jesus to die for us and to save us from our sins. God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to die for us. We have been waiting for Jesus to come and save us from the wickedness of our world like bullying, judgment, racism, war, and there are many more wicked things about this world. Well, the point is that Jesus is our savior form our sins, and if you believe in him you shall have eternal life. When I think of a savior or Jesus I think of the cross because I know he died for us.You only live once, twice if you do it right.

Bible Theme 5 – Something is Rotten

Something is rotten. Israel worshipping other God’s is rotten. Wanting power and popularity is rotten, but you need to be yourself and be who God made you to be because every person is unique and special in their own way. Wanting what other people have is rotten, but you have to be thankful for what you have. When Israel was rotten, prophets like Elijah would speak power to them. So what is rotten in your life, Power? Popularity? Just be yourself, it is better than trying to be someone your not. Rotten, when I hear the word rotten I think of rotten tomatoes, because they’re bad, just like power, or popularity.

Bible Theme 6 – Conflict/Doubt

I think having conflict and doubt in your life is normal. When you have conflict and doubt in your life, bring it to God. It’s good to ask questions and look for answers in your life. You can share them with others and they can help you through it. Pray to God with your questions, and maybe you’ll find answers. Doubt is normal, so don’t feel like your the only one who doubts and questions things. When I think of conflict and doubt, I think of a question mark, because you have questions and are looking for answers.

Bible Theme 7 – Slavery and Salvation

Struggles become part of our story. Slavery is where we are looking for God and don’t believe in him. Salvation is when we find what we are looking for and we put our trust in him. Think of the Israelites in Egypt, they went through slavery. Everybody has struggles in their life, you can pray to God about your struggles and you have people to help you through those struggles. So what are some struggles in your life? Loss of a loved one, struggling in school, struggling in a friendship? Pray to God and talk to others about your struggles, and hopefully, you will find salvation from those struggles. When I think of slavery and salvation I think of someone in jail, because when you don’t believe in God or can’t find him in your life, salvation is you being set free.

Bible Theme 8 – Lamp

God’s presence with us is like an ever-burning lamp that never goes out. God is always with us and he will never leave us throughout our whole life. God is always with us like he was with the Israelites. God was with them when they crossed the Red Sea, God was with them when they were exiled to Assyria and Babylon, and they eventually came back to the Promised Land. So the main idea is that God will never leave us and he will be with us and guide us throughout our whole life. I think the symbol of God’s presence being with us is like a big bonfire that burns forever.

Native American Field Trip Experience

I think that this field trip was important because we learned more about how Native Americans live, and what life is like for them.

During the field trip we watched a documentary about how the Native Americans are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and how it changes their lives.

We also went through an exhibit and saw lot’s of cool Native American art and how it plays/played a role in their life, my personal favorite piece of art was the Infinity Cube. I think differently now about the Native Americans because I learned more about what their lives are like, how they live and do things, and I learned more about their culture.

Living on One Dollar a Day

Living on one dollar a day would be hard, especially if you have a big family. You need that money to feed your family and you can’t feed your family with only one dollar. I feel sad for the people who only have one dollar a day because they need money to purchase things for their survival, and without money you can’t purchase the food, and goods that you need to survive. We have all these things that we take for granted and we wonder what we are going to have for breakfast and these people wonder if they will even have breakfast.


En México, la educación básica se divide normalmente en tres pasos: La escuela primaria grados de 1-6, centro de enseñanza secundaria grados de 7-9, y la escuela secundaria grados de 10-12.

Tienes la cafetería a comer allí el almuerzo. También tienen un gimnasio para hacer ejercicio y obtener en forma. Y lo más importante, tienen aulas para aprender en.

1.Cancun cerca de Cozumel

2.Chihuahua lejos de Mexico City

3.Loreto arriba de Cabo Son Lucas



Schools in Mexico

Some of their Classes

-Foreign languages

Aprender un idioma extranjero es difícil para los niños.



Algunas de las cosas que aprenden en la ciencia son hábitats y sobre el cuerpo.


Los estudiantes generalmente no comer en México. Paquete de solo un bocado

Todas las escuelas de inicio al mismo tiempo, 8:30 a 13 escuelas públicas y 14 hrs. las escuelas privadas.


Los pasatiempos

1.El juego “Stealing the Sombrero”

2.El juego “Mexican Hat Dance”

3.El juego “Mexican Lottery Card Game”

4.Mexican children also play many variations of the hide and seek game.

5.Singing games are also very popular in Mexico:

Las Comidas


2.Tacos al pastor

3.Chiles en nogada

NFL Schedule Week 2 2016

Jets 37 Bills 31

Saints vs Giants

Cowboys vs Redskins

Titans vs Lions

Chiefs vs Texans

Dolphins vs Patriots

Ravens vs Browns

49ers vs Panthers

Bengals vs Steelers

Buccaneers vs Cardinals

Seahawks vs Rams

Falcons vs Raiders

Jaguars vs Chargers

Colts vs Broncos

Packers vs Vikings

Eagles vs Bears


Continente:Norte America

Paieses que están cerca:Estados Unidos, Canadá, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, etc

Oceanos que están cerca:Oceano de Pacifico, El Mar Carribe, Oceano de Atlantico.

La Bandera


La Capital


NFL Week 1 Scores 2016

Lions 39 Colts 35

Dolphins 10 Seahawks 12

Rams vs 49ers

Panthers 20 Broncos 21

Buccaneers 31 Falcons 24

Vikings 25 Titans 16

Browns 10 Eagles 29

Bengals 23 Jets 22

Raiders 35  Saints 34

Chargers 27 Chiefs 33

Bills 7 Ravens 13

Bears 14 Texans 23

Packers 27 Jaguars 23

Giants 20 Cowboys 19

Patriots 23 Cardinals 21

Steelers vs Redskins