With Gratitude

I am thankful for…

Family they care for me

Friends I get to have fun with them

football it’s fun!

books I like to read

Percy Jackson it’s awesome

Movies there fun to watch

God/Jesus They love me

Bible tells us about God

School I can have fun

Teachers they teach me

Video games there fun to play

Snow it’s fun to play in

Summer we can go to the beach and play in the water

Michigan it’s my favorite state

Zeeland it’s the best city ever!

Detroit Tigers they are my favorite baseball team

Detroit Lions favorite football team

Baseball favorite sport

Mr.Commeret best 4th grade teacher ever!

Animals they are part of nature


Slave Story

My name is John I’m 11 years old living a life as a slave was tough! I lived in Virgina. The kind of work I did was go work in the fields.The hardest things of my life was when my mom and dad were sold to different slave owners.

I escaped when my master was gone I ran BARK BARK BARK I kept running.I decided to run for freedom.I mostly traveled by foot.I found my way by following the North Star.I felt scared.

The people that helped me were nice to me.The people I came across guided me to the North.They led me to safe houses.The people fe me they gave shelter they cared for me.

When I reached freedom I felt relieved. I settled in southern Canada.I chose that place because I knew it would be good for me.I worked in the markets.One of my challenges was What if I didn’t get treated fair.I felt Grateful starting my new life.

The time around the Civil War was bad for me.When the southern states seceded I was shocked! My brother fought in the war I never saw him again.I knew Abraham Lincoln would make the union win the war.When the war was over I was so HAPPY!!!



That gravity force and friction made the marble speed down the ramp.

That different heights make the marble go faster.

The weight depends on how fast the marble go’s.

Force and friction makes the marble go fast.


Our pinball machine is going to be 3/2 inches tall.

And 16 by 24 inches wide and long.

Our team name is TIGERS.

4 Types of Sentences

2 Imperative sentences

Get me a Pencil!

Ben get over here right now!

2 Interrogative sentences

How old are you?

Who is your teacher?

2 Declarative sentences

You should not do that!


2 Exclamatory sentences

Josh does’t want to go to the store.

Sarah wants to go to the park.


I Love my grandparents because…

I like to have fun with my grandparents.

I like to go to the beach with my grandparents.

I like to go fishing with my grandparents.

I like to go to the library with my grandparents