En México, la educación básica se divide normalmente en tres pasos: La escuela primaria grados de 1-6, centro de enseñanza secundaria grados de 7-9, y la escuela secundaria grados de 10-12.

Tienes la cafetería a comer allí el almuerzo. También tienen un gimnasio para hacer ejercicio y obtener en forma. Y lo más importante, tienen aulas para aprender en.

1.Cancun cerca de Cozumel

2.Chihuahua lejos de Mexico City

3.Loreto arriba de Cabo Son Lucas



Schools in Mexico

Some of their Classes

-Foreign languages

Aprender un idioma extranjero es difícil para los niños.



Algunas de las cosas que aprenden en la ciencia son hábitats y sobre el cuerpo.


Los estudiantes generalmente no comer en México. Paquete de solo un bocado

Todas las escuelas de inicio al mismo tiempo, 8:30 a 13 escuelas públicas y 14 hrs. las escuelas privadas.


Los pasatiempos

1.El juego “Stealing the Sombrero”

2.El juego “Mexican Hat Dance”

3.El juego “Mexican Lottery Card Game”

4.Mexican children also play many variations of the hide and seek game.

5.Singing games are also very popular in Mexico:

Las Comidas


2.Tacos al pastor

3.Chiles en nogada


Continente:Norte America

Paieses que están cerca:Estados Unidos, Canadá, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, etc

Oceanos que están cerca:Oceano de Pacifico, El Mar Carribe, Oceano de Atlantico.

La Bandera


La Capital


NFL Week 1 Scores 2016

Lions 39 Colts 35

Dolphins 10 Seahawks 12

Rams vs 49ers

Panthers 20 Broncos 21

Buccaneers 31 Falcons 24

Vikings 25 Titans 16

Browns 10 Eagles 29

Bengals 23 Jets 22

Raiders 35  Saints 34

Chargers 27 Chiefs 33

Bills 7 Ravens 13

Bears 14 Texans 23

Packers 27 Jaguars 23

Giants 20 Cowboys 19

Patriots 23 Cardinals 21

Steelers vs Redskins



My favorite thing I did this summer

My favorite thing I did this summer was go to 4 Detroit Tigers games.

The first game they were playing the Kansas city Royals and they won on a walk-off home run which was AWESOME! Then they played the Minnesota Twins and they won 1-0

Then they played the Chicago White Sox and they got crushed.Then they played the New York Mets and the won.But one of my favorite parts about this was spending time with my family.


inherited characteristics

Being abel to curl my tongue-both of my parents.Asthma-Dad.Blond hair-Mom.I don’t know who I get my blue eyes from.Being abel to get my fingers into a V shape-both of my parents.

learned characteristics

I learned to write from my mom and teachers.I learned to read from my Mom and Dad.I learned to play sports from my Dad.

internal cues

Internal cues that tell me i’m hungry is when my stomach growls.When my stomach starts to hurt.When I start to feel dizzy and lightheaded.When I can’t focus well.I get cranky.

external cues

External cues that tell me i’m hungry are when I know I have not eaten in a while.


Market Day Reflection

  • Write about ONE thing you learned from COLLABORATION at Market Day.
  • I learned that working with a group can be easy.
  • That working with a group can be difficult.
  • Write about ONE thing you learned from CRITICAL THINKING at Market Day.
  • That you sometimes need to think out of the box.
  • That sometimes you need to lower the price if you aren’t selling well.
  • Write about ONE thing you learned from CREATIVITY at Market Day.
  • That your booth needs to look good.
  • That you should tape a poster to your table.
  • Write about ONE thing you learned from COMMUNICATION at Market Day.
  • That you need to talk nice to your customers.
  • And you need to make good eye contact with them.
  • What was the BEST thing about Market Day?
  • Seeing that our product was popular.
  • Watching everyone eat our product.
  • What is ONE thing you’d change if you had to do it again?
  • About where we picked our table to be.
  • What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you learned from Market Day? How will this impact your future learning?
  • That business can sometimes be hard work.
  • And it can be easy.Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.55.30 AM

The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War teaches…

Be nice to your siblings

under-priced product=better sales

siblings can be difficult

Never carry $200 cash

know your customers

Need a permit to sell in public

A good business needs a good plan

Treat others how you want to be treated

Don’t steal siblings money

competition is a part of life

Respect others play fair

Be prepared for the expected and the unexpected

siblings can be a pain but they will always be there for you and love you