Pearl John Steinbeck


What stands out to you from the book or one of our conversations? What impacted you most?

I think the thing that┬ásurprised┬áme most was that we all thought that Kino was a regular guy and then we started reading the book. And that everyone agreed that throwing the pearl in at the end of the book was a stupid move because he has no house and he has nothing and he should’ve got some money for the pearl.

What do you learn from this book or one of our conversations? Why does it madder?

I learned pretty much nothing from this book I really hated it except for it was really short. That was the best part of the book period. It wasn’t even that exciting.

How does what you learned cause you to live, think, or approach the people around you differently?

Like I said i didn’t learn anything really from this book besides that some people are crazy crazy crazy in the head and that I should not judge them because they didn’t choose to be that way.


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