What is the point of making profession of faith. So we have to be closer to God but aren’t we alright close to God?How do I know when to make professton of faith. 


Sinia Law

 My golden calf is tv and bad music because my Cousin Abbie listens to bad music too and she kinda takes after me but I take after her by also listening to bad music. Because Abbie thinks I’m really cool.            


A Savoir

On Christmas it reminds that Jesus was on Christmas and that he loves me very much and when I ever think of Christmas it is really just Christ and then mas if you really think about it.     


Symbol of a Lamp

God is my lamp in my life because in the dark time he will shine his light in my life and other people’s lives to. I know that God wants me to be a light in this dark and sinful world because eveyone is God’s child and he wants everyone to falshlights in this broken and dark world.  


Sent to the Promised Land

I need to trust God in the hard and sad times because he will make things right in my life in the thoses hard and sad times in my life. I really need God right now because with out I wouldn’t be a good friend to Abbey, Emma, Paige, Abby,Mia, Morgan.




 When God calls me some day to make proffestion of faith in my church with my brother my mom adn dad and older brother and sisters and in laws to will be very happy for me and my brother.The reflection I have is that I will respond to God’s calling me to make profession of faith at my church with my brother Brend.




That God doesn’t love me any less then my brothers and sisters and also I’m a child of God. I’m hoping to make a strong coveant with God in my church with my brother.      



 Something that is meaningful to me is my name Tessa means harvester. The name Tessa is very enjoyable. Tessa has also been associated with Quintessa, an English language form of Quintella, from a Roman given name, which means 5th born or 5th born daughter. The name Kayla is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Kayla is Variants of Kay keeper of the keys pure. Famous bearer Kayla is a character on daytime TV series days of Our Lives.       



Immgiriton Day


He was from norway and had to fish that is called lutefish and he came to the US for better schooling and better friends that follow God adn go to church every sunday.


Also came for better schooling and he is from veitium and his mother died when he was very young and he didn’t k ow his father well either.

I love Immgiriton Day and hearing different stories they came to US and why they came here to the US



I enjoyed  when Tom shared his story about how he took the staff that was in the trash and made into art work and I thought that was really cool because when the people that put their staff in the trash he is the one who makes it into pretty cool art work.When the people were trying to get across the border and these border police took their staff and put in the trash like their family picture and they send them back to were they came from.