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Tessa’s life story: 

So I was born in Saginaw MI, my weight was 5.5 oz. then my mom and dad got a phone call on Sunday at the dinner table.(Sad fact) a fact I was born in Summer 2005 in the Month of August 21,on a Sunday and (another fun fact is I have a different birth dad then my birth brothers and sister.) (Fun fact I have dark brown eyes so it looks like I have no black stuff in the middle.)

So my birth mom has long skinny fingers

and my birth mom couldn’t take care of me when I was a baby. Then 3 days after I was born I was put in foster care and I lived with some 60-year old couple. I got adopted in August 31 in Summer 2005. Then as I growed-up into a young teenager I have more friends my age at school but most of them are in 7th grade or 5th grade. So now I am beginning to see that 7th grade boys are judging you because are black or have dots on your face but get this everyone is going to get dots on their faces at some point in their lives so don’t judge me because I don’t look like you so the doesn’t mean we can’t be friends right so if you are being judged just don’t look at them and if they keep doing it tell your mom and dad about it then your mom and dad they will tell your Teacher about. Well, that’s the end of my story.