By: Tessa S. Van Dyke

Hi, my name is Tessa S. Van Dyke in this Memoir  I have written some happy and sad things as well. In this past school year, I have made lots of friends and lost some friends I have lost some friends too. Mrs. Kim Childress who is my counselor at Grace Haven Counselling. She had 2 sons but her older son Jamie died in a flood a long time ago and her best friends daughter died in the flood too.   When I heard that Mrs. Kim Childress my counselor had lost her son it made me very sad, because I have gone through the same because my dog Measha died when we were just coming back for Vacation and the day she died was my friend Kenzie’s birthday. Now every year it is Kenzie’s birthday I cry because my dog was my very best friend. Now that I’m older I get to a little bit more of my birth family. When I was going into 3rd grade I went to see Melissa(who is my mother) and Sheriff (who is my brother) at MSU were my brother goes to college now, then last summer for my 13th birthday  I went to see Janasha (who is my sister) and Melissa again because the last time I saw Janasha was when I was 3 years old and I barely remember that because I was 3 when it happened and when your 3 you can’t remember things well. Also, remember when we first got Meahsa is was a good day for me because I knew what I was going to have a best friend who is a dog and her name was Measha. I am still sad to this day because of the loss of my dog\ best friend.