God at Work

God prepared Paul to go out through every nation and creating his personality to be like Jesus. God used Paul’s gifts and talents to make him a disciple of God. One of the ways God used him is that God opened Pauls eyes because he was persecuting Christians, and showed him what was right. Then after that Pau spread out and went everywhere and taught of God and his great love. One of my gifts would probably be my gift of music. Being on the worship team, I feel like I get to help people worship God more meaningfully.

Cultura 5

Parte Uno

Una Hospital un argentina es La Hospitale Central de San Isidro. La Hospitale Central de San Isidro tiene muchas enfermeras. Las enfermeras pone muchas inyecciones. La hospital esta cerca de una playa. Los pacientes Nadar por terapia físicas.

Parte Dos

Quien? Cristina Fernández, Alberto Nisman,
Que? El bombardeo,
Cuando? En algún momento de 2015
Donde? En Argentina
Como? Una bomba estalló y murieron 85 personas
Por Que? No sé

Mystery: Why Tim

Weston Mannes
Mrs. Roskamp
February 21, 2017
Why Tim
Tim, Chubbs, Jill, and Mary all live in outerspace. They are English speaking. One morning all of them were paged into the meeting room by Tim to talk about a problem. The problem was a clogged toilet. Everyone knew it was Chubbs, only he could to such a thing. Chubbs and Jill, showed up at the meeting first. Mary came a few seconds late, She was making sure everyone was out of the rooms and in the meeting room. So now they waited and waited for Tim, but he just wouldn’t show .
“Guys where is Tim?” Asked Jil
“If I knew I would tell you,” said Mary, Mary was a sassy blonde chick. She talked all the time. It drove everyone nuts!
“Hey you two,” Said Chubbs “Let’s not do this again, Remember what happened last time?”
Jil seemed quite distant this morning. She wasn’t being her normal self.
“So let’s get to the point I guess” said Chubbs “Tim was gonna talk about a clogged toilet.”
“I’m pretty sure that puts a fritz in the air lock system!” said Jil
“Oh darn,” said Mary
I don’t know if I actually did make a fritz but…
“FLIBITYGIBBET!!!” Screamed Chubbs “I think I found Tim”
Tim was out of the station with his suit and his helmet but there was no way to get to him. Tim was the smartest one of the bunch. He everyone knew he would not jump out into outer space without his air tank.
Quickly Mary responds, “Oh my gosh, what are we going to do! How long has he been out there?”
“Well the only exit is out the back, so I guess about 5 minutes,” Chubbs responded.
“Guys—there isn’t any way we can get to him,”
Slowly they watched Tim float away. Finally he passed, his body bloated, skin blue, it was hard for the team to watch. At this point NASA is watching and has called all of the specialists and detectives to try and figure it out. One of the detectives looked at the video footage. It showed Tim taking his air pack off, and once he took it off the door cracked open. Then the footage when oddly cut off. That left him to only on conspiracy. One of the crew members did it. Here are the suspects. Jill- White, Top grades at school, Long black hair, Doesn’t care what people think, has a great sense of humour, likes Mexican food. Mary- Asain- Also top grades in school, Keeps to herself when she’s tired, but otherwise extremely energetic, gets over the top embarrassed when people talk about her, Tends to say ya see when she’s frightened or nervous, Tells good jokes, too blonde, likes cheese, and burgers. Chubbs- kind of a slacker, likes to watch vines, watch movies, and smell rocks, he shaves his head and has a beard that is tied up in a ponytail until they come back down to earth.

“Good morning team ASAYT, We are currently sending up an investigation team to do a few tests and interrogations. We know it was one of you, so please be honest and give yourselves up, we will figure you out. We will not leave until the job is done, Thank you Nasa,” that’s what the message from Nasa.

Two days later the team from Nasa arrived from the international space station.
“Hello you three, so do any of you want to come clean right away this’ll be quite easy for all of us”
Nobody says anything.
“Oh and by the way, my name is Wolfgang, and don’t mess with me,if ya don’t mind I’m gonna look around a bit, do you mind?
“Well actually…” said Chubbs
“Oh I didn’t actually care,” said Wolfgang. So Wolfgang walked over to where the door is, and examined, “Wow look at that a piece of black hair on the video camera, interesting” whispered Wolfgang. He started to walk to the lab to do some testing on the hair. The hair was indeed Jil’s hair, but with a little something else on it a little section of the hair had ketchup on it.
“Ok I need to take this over to the crew,” said Wolfgang. After he got to the room he asked if anyone wanted a burger and fries”
“Oh me!” said Mary
“Thanks that’s all I needed,” said Wolfgang “Mary can you come talk to me please,”
“Me? Pffft! Why-ah-me? Ya see, I didn’t do it,” Said Mary
“Just friendly curiosity ma’am,”
“Sir Curiosity has killed more than one cat” said Mary “But if ya say so.”
Wolfgang knew it was Mary as soon as he saw the hair on the camera. Wolf took Mary into the the research room and showed her the piece of hair.
“Explain this, would ya,” Said Wolf
“Well you see,” said Mary
“Look at me when you speak would you miss?” Snapped Wolf
“Gosh sorry, got any manners there mister?” Mary responded sharply, “So what do you want?”
“I want you to tell me the truth… Why did you do it?” Remarked Wolf smartly.
“He… ah- i mean nothing- ahhh FINE I did it happy?”
“There we go now spill the beans,” said Wolf
“(sniffles) Well, ya see, it was the morning ya see, and I was walking to the bathroom, ya see, and Tim got up and was waiting outside while I was in there ya see, and I took a crap ya see, and ya get the point. I hate it when people know I’m poopin’, and especially when I plug it, So I quick ran out and went back to bed, ya see, I was awoken to his voice over the intercom saying, ’excuse me crew mates I would like to talk to you in the meeting room to talk about problem’ I just knew by the way he said it he was talking about me, so after lunch, out of pure anger, I decided to push him back out of the door once he got done with his repairs and took his air jacket off, ya see, and then I ran into Jil’s room and took a piece of her hair to cover myself up” explained Mary
“Ok good keep it going,” Said Wolf
“I always hated Tim. Even in preschool. You don’t even know how good it felt to throw him out that door! My plan was foolproof. And i would have gotten away with it if they didn’t call NASA,”
“Well here’s the good news you can come back down to Earth with me, The bad news… you’re going away for a long time,” snarled Wolf, “My craft is waiting for us outside, We better go in peace, go say bye to your crew and pack your stuff,”
Mary listened and headed to the crew, “guys I know your thoughts, just let me leave in silence please, Bye, love you guys,” Softly said Mary, and Wolfgang took her by the hand and brought her to the ship. That turned into a beautiful relationship, so Wolfgang didn’t take her to jail and they went off the grid. But sadly, soon after they settled on top of a mountain the top exploded revealing it was a volcano.
The End


En argentine, Ustedes juege Golf, Rugby, Futbol, y Tenis.

En golf, yo tengo una pelota y no árbitro.

En tenis, yo tengo una pelota y jugar en un cancha.

Rugby es muy peligroso. Los juagadores no tiene cascos.

Futbol es la favorita de la entire pais. En la juega futbol tu pateas la futbol en una portería.

Spaghetti Tower

Our tower didn’t go too well, our egg fell. We thought it was going to go well but there wasn’t the same shacking power, because Mr Devries isn’t a robot. During the work time one of us, who will remain nameless, shook the table and broke an egg and one of the supports. Right before we went on the machine one of the supports broke again.

Cultura 3

En Argentina los deportes son boxing, fútbol, golf, y rugby. En boxing los jugadores tienen guantes. La futbol campo son muy largo cien y vente yardas y cuenta gol. Rugby es muy peligroso. Mi deporte favorito es futbol.

Math Project: Pythagorean Theorem


Weston the Robot wants to know how far away from him his shadow is so that he knows what time it is. If he is 6 feet tall and his shadow is 10 feet long, how far how far away is his real head from his shadow head?
2 2 2
A + B = C
2 2 2
6 + 10 = C
36 + 100 = C
136 = C
√136 = C

C= 11.661 feet

We came up with the shadow idea because Weston was just brainstorming and then he thought of a shadow, so we thought of how it could do with a right triangle. Our result was 11.661 feet and it makes sense because we used the Pythagorean Theorem.

Metaphor Writing

Weston Mannes
Mrs. Roskamp
LA, 8B
November, 14, 2016

Metaphor Writing
I am an ocean. I have many similarities to an ocean. My first similarity is I can hold and comfort many creatures. Just like me I can comfort many people when they are hurting or when they need help. There is so much space in the ocean and I am always open about things and never say, “no” to people who need kindness.

I also am an ocean because I have all kinds of caves that I go into. I go into the cave to run away from my problems. Sometimes people say how they are a firm believer in not running but facing their problems. Everyone has that cave or that weakness inside of them that holds them back.

I also am an ocean because of the wars that go on on my surface. When the ships fire back and forth between each other I can be on both sides of it. Just like when friends fight I know both sides of the story so I don’t know where to go to I just stay out of it or stay under it, if I’m the ocean. Sometimes there are the missiles that get fired and travel through me like I am the messenger, and when the ship blows up I am polluted with oil of guilt of betraying my friend.

Lastly I am an ocean because of the beautiful coral at the surface. It shows that I am pleasant and nice and everything is good. But then you start to get deeper and deeper and your realize once you get to know me that I am not perfect. I have volcanic eruptions going off under my waters all of the time. In conclusion I am an ocean because of my creatures, caves, wars, surface and depths.

God Sightings

In church this weekend, we talked about a new partnership that we had with Benjamin’s Hope. It was very cool and moving because they had an adult sing Good Good Father with another girl and the whole church was in tears. The pastor of the Benjamin’s Hope came up and talked about how to Interact with people with certain abilities. They gave us 5 ways to be with people with disabilities.

Thematic writing

Mrs. Roskamp
LA, 8B
19 October 2016
Thematic Writing

The book Gulliver’s travels is a book about a guy named Gulliver. He is an explorer and once upon a time he was on a voyage and a storm swept him up. He found himself tied to the ground on an island. The island’s name was liliput. Which is kind of funny because everyone on the island is like 3 inches tall. In one part Gulliver put out a fire that was in the capital by peeing on it. On his second voyage he went to a land of giants. The giants were so big that Gulliver was about the size of a lilliputian. Throughout this book I felt that the author like to talk like he is from an older time, because he uses, thou, shalt, whom, etc. I also felt like the author was trying to tell us that nobody is perfect and not everybody can always be honest.

In Gulliver’s there aren’t many conflicts. One of them though is.. the emperor of lilliput was cracking open an egg. When he had cracked it open he cut his finger on one of the pieces. The king insisted on having everyone break their eggs on the smaller side. Apparently everyone wanted to open their eggs on the big side because there ended up being 5 or 6 rebellions throughout the book. I think the theme fits in because, one person cut their finger on an eggshell. Not everyone does that, so why enforce a law just because he can?

Another conflict in the book could be, on Gulliver’s 3 voyage he meets the Yahoo’s, who he calls filthy savages. Gulliver doesn’t like them so he decides to leave and travel to a different land this land is the home of Houyhnhnms. They are horse like creatures who are very smart and Gulliver put them above the human race. He put aside all humans and he just wanted to be with the Houyhnhnms. Even when he went back home he despised the humans, and thought he was better than everyone else because the was with the Houyhnhnms.

I conclusion, I feel like Gulliver is a very picky person and he picks out the bad things in people he doesn’t like and picks out the good things in the people that he does like. There are actually a lot of themes in the book like, be kind to everyone, don’t kick people out of things just because they are different than everyone else. The book also had some great humor in it, like the egg conflict. How the emperor demanded that all eggs must be broken on the smaller end of the egg not the bigger side. I think Gulliver’s Travels is a great book and I would suggest it for the people who like to read older based fantasy/fiction.


In science he have been making chains that can hold 7 pounds. Our chain is made up of pipe cleaners and string. The pipe cleaners have metal on the inside of them so that makes them strong. The string is for just extra support and it is very hard to break it, we tried. Everything went good, when we tested it out if could hold all of the weight. One time the knot on one of the pip cleaners broke and all of them fell, but now were good.

Names of Jesus

This week in Bible we have been learning about Jesus. Mrs. Will Gave us all a name, we had to make a presentation for it, and we presented in front of the class. I got the name Light of the World. Jesus gave himself that name because He is the light of the world and He can save us from sin and darkness by saying a word. I think that Light of the World represents Jesus’ divinity because he is the only one who can free us from darkness. No human could ever do that only Jesus.



This is our boat called the s.s.s.o.s. Our boat is made out of popsicle sticks, styrofoam, a wood dowel, lot of hot glue, and straws. It is pretty fast, our fastest time is 7.6 seconds. One bad thing that happened to our boat is Allie splashed our sail and it got ruined. Another thing that was difficult was it used to always turn to the side and it would slow it way down. Something that was good was it goes very fast now. All because we changed some things to make it go faster.