Welcome to MAY!! It’s hard to believe that we are so close to ending the school year as it feels like yesterday when we started. 🙂 The students did a great job in Shark Tank last week. Thank you so much for those that tuned in our FACEBOOK LIVE and left comments encouraging your children.


  • Market Day Update: The students received their money last Friday. I reminded them of the following (these are things that might not be obvious for 4th graders)
    • Save the receipts and put them in your “company book” at school.
    • Keep track of every penny you spend by logging everything you spend.
    • I will check periodically and see that the money in the envelope matches the money in their “company book”.
    • Whatever remaining materials, use them to make your products as well so you don’t waste anything..
    • Also, like I mentioned in the last newsletter, the students need to pay you back whatever they spend for the prototype. Like I said, this is not an option. Thanks for understanding and supporting us in this.
    • For renting supplies to make their products they can pay you a one time fee of $1

Important Dates

  • May 5– fun night
  • May 10- Half day (Tulip Time)
  • May 11 & 12– No hot lunch or PM bussing
  • May 18– Jhon Ball Zoo Field Trip
  • May 19– Market Day

Lunch Monitor

  • May 2– Michelle Koop
  • May 9– Sara Devries
  • May 16– Michelle Koop

Curriculum Corner

Bible: We will be finishing talking about Solomon’s riches, and Solomon’s last years.

Bible Memory Verse:

Due date: Wednesday, MAY 10 

SALMOS 24:6-10

Tal es la generación de los que a ti acuden, de los que buscan tu rostro, oh Dios de Jacob.[b] Selah Eleven, puertas, sus dinteles; levántense, puertas antiguas, que va a entrar el Rey de la gloria ¿Quién es este Rey de la gloria? El Señor, el fuerte y valiente, el Señor, el valiente guerrero. Eleven, puertas, sus dinteles; levántense, puertas antiguas, que va a entrar el Rey de la gloria 10 ¿Quién es este Rey de la gloria? Es el Señor Todopoderoso;  ¡él es el Rey de la gloria!


  • I will start with reading assessments

Language Arts: 

  • We will begin with our new AALPA project for the next 2 weeks.

Writing: We will learn ways that essayist select mini-stories as evidence to support their ideas. We will also learn that writers use direct quotes to support their claims about a text; and that writers not only use stories as quotes as evidence, they also list to support their claims.


  • 7-3 Understand that the size of a fraction depends on the size of the whole.
  • 7-4 Find equivalent fractions using multiplication
  • 7-5 Find equivalent fractions using division.

Social studies: 

Update above about Market Day