Saugatuck film festival

The solar system 

The solar system is was bigger than we think. They needed 7 miles of open space to be able to build a model of the solar system. It was cool how they showed us how far away all the planets are from each other.

Running Wild 

All the things that used to attract the wolverines and other animals were different from each other and I was surprised. There were so many other animals that got attracted to the things they put up. I wonder how many wolverines are there in Michigan.

Canyon Song 

It was weird how they though that the spirits would hear them and that they had to sing/yell to let the spirit know that they were coming. It was kind of sad when their dad was a christian but later started believing in stuff about spirits. I don’t think that everything that they did was really necessary to do in some of their situations.

Posible Jobs 

I think it would be fun to be able to follow someone around and take pictures and videos of them doing stuff outside and around that world.


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