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My post card


Dear God, Thank you God for the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are so cool the remind me of the creation. You are so special that you made the world. You made the Sierra Nevada mountains and they are so cool. Mountains are so tall. The Sierra Nevada Mountains have snow on them. You made the […]

2 Pedro 1:20-21


2 Pedro 1:20-21 20Ante todo, tengan muy presente que ninguna profecía de la Escritura surge de la interpretación particular de nadie. Porque la profecía no ha tenido su origen en la voluntad humana, sino que los profetas hablaron de parte de Dios, impulsados por el Espíritu Santo.  

Your invitation to the U.S.!!!


Dear Macy, This is your invitation to the U.S. These are your directions to the U.S. The U.S. is in a continent called North America. You need to look for the political boundaries of the U.S. these are the political boundaries of the U.S. its north of Mexico and south of Canada. There is a […]

the geographer’s hat


There are 4 people. There is a historian, a geographer, a economist and a political scientist. Today we are going to put on the geographers hat. These are the six questions that they ask, What happens with movement? What happens with regions? What happens with human environment interaction? Where is the location? Where is the […]



Last year the seventh graders went on a trip. On that trip they pict a theme for school. That theme was GO. GO means to GO make disciples. Not to go on a trip, but to GO make disciples.

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