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Drugs: What Officer Breuker taught us


Some things that I have learned from Officer Breuker is that drugs are very bad for you. They can give you heart problems, they can give you a lot of different cancers and just from smoking your chance of getting cancer is very high, and they can give you yellow teeth and then your teeth […]

Los Domingos


Lo que yo puedo hacer para mejorar los Domingos, es que yo puedo: pasar tiempo con Dios, puedo Enfocar en Dios, puedo adorar a Dios más, pasar tiempo con Dios, puedo agradecer a Dios por las cosas que me ha dado. También yo puedo leer la biblia, y orar a Dios.

My Family


Some of the activities that I like to do with my family is to play games, some of the games I like to play with my family is Apples to Apples, and I like to play Uno with my family. I like to watch movies with my family. I also like to go to the […]

March is reading month


My favorite book is called Wednesday in the Tower. It’s about this four kids (two are girls and two are boys) who are the sons and daughters of the king and queen and the youngest girl finds an egg of an animal and she has to take care of it and the castle does not […]

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