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Request Foods


Our grade did a field trip to Request Foods. At Request Foods they make frozen food and other types of food. We learned how they did things in the factory. We went thru one of their freezers and it was very, very cold inside. Every time we went thru a different part of the factory […]

My Island


If I find an Island, I would form a government. I would pick who would be a part of the government by a packet with a quiz on it. Then I would make some laws for my island. The laws for my island would be: Everyday is a snowday Half day school days You have […]

Spring Break


Over spring break I went to Tennessee. In Tennessee I went to the Smoky Mountains. I went on a lot of hikes, some of them were very long but they were really fun to do. Some of the hikes that I went on were muddy  but not all of them were. I liked seeing the […]

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