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God at Work


In Bible class we have been studying Paul. He was sent to preach God’s word. His whole life he had been getting prepared to preach by God. One of the things that helped him was that he had a Roman and Jewish citizenship. Another thing that helped him was that he was very smart and […]

Science Volcanoes


    We did our volcano on Mt. Rainier. That is a volcano in Washington. I think we did really well. We had our volcano explode (diet coke and mentos). The seven things that we had labeled were pipe, magma chamber, crater, vent, ash, cinders, and bombs, and we also had layers of lava and […]



We’ve been studying persecution in bible class. My group (Zoe, Jaiden, and me) were assigned to study persecution in China. We had a jail cell and we had people make bookmarks. We taught people about persecution with our not os fun facts and with our audio. We taught people how to help with doing the […]

Science Spaghetti Tower Challenge


In our tower we have a square base. At first our walls collapsed so we had to start over but in the end we made a tower. I wish that we had more support for our egg because we don’t really have much. Another thing that I wish had happened was that we hadn’t accidentally […]

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Theme Writing


Theme Writing   Lost in Love 1 John 4:10-11 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.   Every year, the people that are in […]

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Beginning of Year Reflections


One thing that I have enjoyed this year was camp. I liked going on the rock wall, the high ropes, and the zip line. I also like camp because you do every thing with your grade and I think it’s very fun. One thing that I have learned in school this year is that we […]

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Boat Races


    We made a sailboat and we ended up coming in 5th place with 11.23 as our time. We are going to add a balloon to the end of the boat so that it hopefully can move faster. I hope that we can improve our time from the first trial and keep it from […]

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Summer Vacation


This summer I went to the Upper Peninsula with my dad’s side of the family. When we were there we stayed in cabins on a lake. The lake has 4 islands on it and I walked on one of them and it was really gross. One morning while I was there, me and my dad […]

Proyecto Final


 ¿Qué aprendiste? Las microfinanzas son pequeños negocios que usualmente sólo hay pocos empleados o ningún empleado. Yo aprendí que las mujeres que no tienen dinero para su familia, entonces van al banco y sacan dinero para que puedan hacer su propia microfinanza. Muchas mujeres necesitan tener una microfinanza para tener dinero para su familia. Es […]

Kickball Moment


It wasn’t fair that Holland Christian had so many loses. That shouldn’t have happened and it’s really sad. The people are so nice so it’s not fair that so many people died.

La Iluminación




The guards changed during the movie. At first they didn’t like each other and one of the guards couldn’t believe he had to work with the new guards. Over time they became friends and trusted each other. This movie was very impacting.



Something that deepened my understanding about Africa was that most people don’t get an education and so they can’t make a difference because they don’t know how to read or write. Now that I know that, I understand a little more about what happens in Africa and the situation that the people are in. To […]

The Eagle Huntress


It was crazy seeing a girl that is about our age and she goes off and starts hunting using eagles and then she entered into the competition and won against all the people that were in the competition. But then there is the article that thinks that the film was edited. She is considered a […]

Film Festival


I liked going to watch the videos and spending time to learn about things and I thought it would be boring to watch the videos but when they started the videos, I realized that it was much cooler than I thought it would be. One of the films that I liked was Strong water because […]

Viaje A Europa


Maya Angelou


Camp Reflection 2


The verse that spoke to me the most out of all the verses was Galatians 3:26 because it talks about how we are all children of God through faith and we are all loved by God and he cares about us. So you couldn’t walk up to someone and say your not a child of […]

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Cataluña no debe ser independiente

February3 Hola Cataluña, voy a hablar del debate de ser independiente o quedar con España. Yo creo que Cataluña debe quedar junto con España. Piensa en todas las cosas que podrían pasar si ustedes se separan de España. Yo voy a decirte algunas razones de porqué quedar con ellos. Si Cataluña fue independiente, usará mucho […]

Themes of the Old Testament


Slide To Destruction               Names             A Savior               Call             Slavery to Salvation               Sinai Law               Sent to the […]

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