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God at Work


In Bible class we have been studying Paul. He was sent to preach God’s word. His whole life he had been getting prepared to preach by God. One of the things that helped him was that he had a Roman and Jewish citizenship. Another thing that helped him was that he was very smart and he knew many languages. The third thing was that he was a tentmaker and that would help him on his journey. The last thing that helped him, was that he was trained to be a Pharisee so he had knowledge of scripture and the Torah.

God has been at work in my life though I may not know it. One way that he has blessed me is that I know scripture and that I have been able to go to a Christian school. Another way is the friends that he gave me. I have great friends who can encourage me and help me.

Science Volcanoes




We did our volcano on Mt. Rainier. That is a volcano in Washington. I think we did really well. We had our volcano explode (diet coke and mentos). The seven things that we had labeled were pipe, magma chamber, crater, vent, ash, cinders, and bombs, and we also had layers of lava and ash.



We’ve been studying persecution in bible class. My group (Zoe, Jaiden, and me) were assigned to study persecution in China. We had a jail cell and we had people make bookmarks. We taught people about persecution with our not os fun facts and with our audio. We taught people how to help with doing the bookmarks. Here is the Keynote that we had as part of our project.


Science Spaghetti Tower Challenge


In our tower we have a square base. At first our walls collapsed so we had to start over but in the end we made a tower. I wish that we had more support for our egg because we don’t really have much. Another thing that I wish had happened was that we hadn’t accidentally let the marshmallows harden because then we couldn’t put anything in them. We also microwaved marshmallows to help support the spaghetti sticks better.

Theme Writing


Theme Writing


Lost in Love

1 John 4:10-11

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.


Every year, the people that are in 8th grade choose a theme for our school to follow. Our theme is Lost in Love and when we decided the theme it took 3 days to choose what the theme is. We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world.


I can show this theme many ways at school. One of the ways that I can show love is saying hi to a little kid because I remember when I first met my family group the eighth graders said hi to me and I felt very special. Another way that I can show love is opening a door for someone else because I remember once I had a lot of stuff in my hands and I couldn’t open the door and then someone held the door open for me. The third way that I can show love to others is including other people when you do something, and be nice to other people who come because I remember that when I didn’t have anyone to hang out with when I was little, other people would play with me and that made me feel special.


As Christians, we can also show this theme to the world. One way that we can show our love to the world is recycling so that we can reuse it and someone can use it when we’re done with it. I remember last year the third graders did terracycling and that helped people to recycle more and make people more aware of recycling. A second way we can show love to the world is donating to organizations that help give clean water to Africa so that they can have clean water to drink, I remember last year when we talked about Africa needing clean water to drink was one of the things that showed up on what people thought about Africa. Another way you can show love to the world is donating money to help with the people that were affected by the hurricanes because I have seen pictures and it’s hard to recover from hurricanes.


We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world. I think there are many different ways to show love whether that is around school or other places in the world.

Beginning of Year Reflections


One thing that I have enjoyed this year was camp. I liked going on the rock wall, the high ropes, and the zip line. I also like camp because you do every thing with your grade and I think it’s very fun.

One thing that I have learned in school this year is that we can show our theme verse in a lot more ways than I had thought and we can show it in many different ways like just saying hi to a little kid that’s in the hall.

One thing that I am looking forward to this year is doing the eight grade play because I have always liked going to them and now I get to be in it or be a part of it in some way.

Boat Races


    We made a sailboat and we ended up coming in 5th place with 11.23 as our time. We are going to add a balloon to the end of the boat so that it hopefully can move faster. I hope that we can improve our time from the first trial and keep it from hitting the edge of the track.

Summer Vacation


This summer I went to the Upper Peninsula with my dad’s side of the family. When we were there we stayed in cabins on a lake. The lake has 4 islands on it and I walked on one of them and it was really gross. One morning while I was there, me and my dad saw a fish swimming near the dock and so we caught it and found out it was a sucker fish. My cousin also caught a 28 inch size pike. I also went kayaking with my dad and we went to one of the islands on the lake. My dad owns a catamaran and I went sailing with him a lot.

I also went to my grandparent’s cottage a lot. When I go to their cottage, I always go tubing because it’s really fun. I also go swimming a lot and hang out with my cousins.

Proyecto Final


 ¿Qué aprendiste?

Las microfinanzas son pequeños negocios que usualmente sólo hay pocos empleados o ningún empleado. Yo aprendí que las mujeres que no tienen dinero para su familia, entonces van al banco y sacan dinero para que puedan hacer su propia microfinanza. Muchas mujeres necesitan tener una microfinanza para tener dinero para su familia. Es una buena manera para las mujeres obtener dinero. Yo creo que personas deben saber que es muy difícil no tener dinero. También es muy impactante que ellos tienen una manera para escapar la pobreza.

¿Quiénes somos?

Cada persona en el mundo es diferente. Hay personas aquí quién necesita dinero para su familia como en otros países en el mundo. Pero también hay personas quién tiene más de suficiente dinero para vivir. Pero hay personas en África que no pueden poner comida en la mesa cada día. Creo si unas personas ayudan a personas por todo el mundo en necesidad, podemos cambiar el mundo. También las personas en África pueden tener mejores vidas por las microfinanzas en toda África.

¿Quién es Él?

Yo veo a Dios en estas situaciones en África porque Dios ha creado maneras para las mujeres en el mundo tener dinero. Dios ha enseñado su amor por las personas por todo el mundo. Ahora porque mujeres pueden tener microfinanzas, pueden tener comida. También porque Dios ha enseñado a su amor, los niños de las mujeres que tienen microempresas pueden ir a la escuela para que puedan tener un trabajo un día. Dios ha mejorado a las vidas de mujeres por toda África.

¿Quién soy yo?

Para mí este tema fue muy impactante porque no sabía que las mujeres hacen microfinanzas. Me ayudó a aprender de este tema porque ahora entiendo más las cosas que pasan en África. También me impactó que hay maneras para las mujeres ganar dinero cuando casi tienen nada. Tener microfinanzas ha mejorado a las comunidades en que ellos viven. He cambiado porque ahora entiendo más lo que son microfinanzas y porque hay microfinanzas.

Llamada a la acción

Ahora cuando compro cosas voy a pensar en las personas en África. Ahora porque yo sé que microfinanzas son, puedo responder con hablar con otras personas sobre las microfinanzas. Yo pienso que si alguien va a aprender de África, deben aprender sobre las microfinanzas. Esto podría hacer que entiendes las historias de mujeres en África mejor. Me gustó aprender de las microfinanzas y quiero que otros aprenden de los también.

Kickball Moment


It wasn’t fair that Holland Christian had so many loses. That shouldn’t have happened and it’s really sad. The people are so nice so it’s not fair that so many people died.

La Iluminación




The guards changed during the movie. At first they didn’t like each other and one of the guards couldn’t believe he had to work with the new guards. Over time they became friends and trusted each other. This movie was very impacting.



Something that deepened my understanding about Africa was that most people don’t get an education and so they can’t make a difference because they don’t know how to read or write. Now that I know that, I understand a little more about what happens in Africa and the situation that the people are in. To me it was crazy that people live to a certain age and in other places in Africa, they live to a different age. It also was crazy that the people in Nigeria know a ton of languages when the people here in Michigan only know 1 or 2 languages.

The Eagle Huntress


It was crazy seeing a girl that is about our age and she goes off and starts hunting using eagles and then she entered into the competition and won against all the people that were in the competition. But then there is the article that thinks that the film was edited. She is considered a hero because she won the competition even though she was a girl and wasn’t supposed to and girls were supposed to be at the house sitting around working to clean and cook in the house. I think that it was unfair that the men that competed thought that she still wasn’t an eagle huntress until she went hunting in the mountains during the winter to catch a fox.

Film Festival


I liked going to watch the videos and spending time to learn about things and I thought it would be boring to watch the videos but when they started the videos, I realized that it was much cooler than I thought it would be. One of the films that I liked was Strong water because it was like a sport that people can do whenever and it helps people get outside and do things instead of sitting around the house doing nothing. It was an opportunity for people to hang out and get to know other people and it would be fun to go surfing. I also liked Running Wild because the people were trying to see if wolverines would come back. So people would come and check the cameras and see if a wolverine was spotted by the camera. When we watched the Canyon Song, I didn’t really know  if that family owned the land, or if going there was their vacation, or if that was where they lived usually, but I think that it was cool that the kids could learn about their heritage and they could experience what it was like to live in that culture. On the Solar System Scale, it was cool that they could show how big the planets were. It was crazy how the guy didn’t have enough room for Pluto because the Solar System was so big.

Viaje A Europa


Maya Angelou


Camp Reflection 2


The verse that spoke to me the most out of all the verses was Galatians 3:26 because it talks about how we are all children of God through faith and we are all loved by God and he cares about us. So you couldn’t walk up to someone and say your not a child of God because everyone is a child of God through faith.


We had some group goals that we talked about on Friday, like trying harder in Spanish class and in Choir if we could actually try and listen to the teacher, but one of our group goals was to be a welcoming school. If we all work on it, every person that set foot in the school would feel included because we would all try to be a caring grade. Something that everyone could do is try to be nice to the new person and be their friend.









Cataluña no debe ser independiente


Hola Cataluña, voy a hablar del debate de ser independiente o quedar con España. Yo creo que Cataluña debe quedar junto con España. Piensa en todas las cosas que podrían pasar si ustedes se separan de España. Yo voy a decirte algunas razones de porqué quedar con ellos.

Si Cataluña fue independiente, usará mucho dinero entonces esto no sería bueno y España perdería dinero también porque Cataluña paga lo más impuestos de toda España. Entonces, no sería bueno para Cataluña ó España y podría causar muchos problemas. Entonces, el país sería en vías de desarrollo porque serían pobres y no tendrían bien economía y van a querer que fueron parte de España otra vez. Cataluña ha estado preguntando para independencia pero personas necesitan ver cuánto dinero toma para solamente cambiar a ser un país y después necesitarían tener un gobierno que también tomaría mucho dinero.

También, Cataluña necesitaría una gran población porque necesitarían un ejército para que si un grupo de personas vienen para atacar a Cataluña, tendrían una manera para defender su país y no ser vulnerables para ataques. En Cataluña durante 2014, han estado 7.519 personas en Cataluña. Entonces, ha estado mucha gente, pero tendrían un muy buen ejército si Cataluña tendría un poco más personas en Cataluña. Pero, tener un ejército podría tomar tiempo y también dinero que no es algo que quieres hacer como otros países han hecho.

Cataluña también necesitaría hacer su propio gobierno. Esto tomaría tiempo porque necesitan encontrar a un líder y también otras personas probablemente para ayudar a gobernar. Necesitan tener su tipo de gobernar para el país y tendrán que hacer leyes para que Cataluña sea un buen país. Sin embargo, si Cataluña va de España, otros regiones de España van a ir también y sería muy loco porque España fue un gran país pero después es muchos pequeños países como ha pasado a la unión soviética.

Entonces, hay personas que dicen que Cataluña debe ser independiente porque han tenido sus tradiciones, idioma y cultura, pero yo digo que no deben. En suma, Cataluña no debe ser independiente porque cuesta mucho dinero, necesitarían un ejército y su propio gobierno.

Themes of the Old Testament


Slide To Destruction

















A Savior

















Slavery to Salvation









Sinai Law









Sent to the Promised Land











Salute to a king







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