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March 15, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Alliteration Poem

Prancing Porky Pines 

This is a Prancing Porky Pine

It lives in prisons, ponds, prairies, and pizza parlors

A Prancing Porky Pine eats pancakes, prunes, pasta, and peaches

It likes pawing, peeing, praying and petting puppies

It plays with pandas, panthers, and parrots

He dislikes the smells of pork, petunias, and poop…PU 

Emotion Poem


Sorrow is the death of happy

It sounds like the crying of a baby

It tastes like the vomit in your mouth

It smells like a morgue

It looks like a coffin

It makes you want to cry in a corner


Dawdling, Inactive, Sluggish

Go faster or you’ll go fatish.



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