Egyptian Museum

In our Egypt group we mad a “garden”. It really doesn’t look like a graden sadly, but we did our best. We also made a a mummy. What we did is, we took a babydoll wrapped it in tissue paper. Then we put the babydoll in a shoebox and painted it. Our group worked very hard at making a tree. What we did is, we used cardboard to make the leaves and trunk of a tree, then we painted it green and brown. We let it dry, then we put of clementines on it. We made a lot of posters. One of them had hieroglyphics on it. Another had a social structure on it, and the last one talked about a pharaoh and have they ruled. All these things were made so we could present a museum.

One of my favorite parts of the museum was making the mummy. What I liked about it is when we wrapped the babydoll up in tissue paper, then trying to put it in it’s “coffin” or box. Another one is our garden. In our garden we have sunflower seeds, cucumber seeds, cron seeds, carets, and potatoes.


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