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Level Chinese and Ichinesereader Log in Credentials
Here is the log in information. It's the same for both of them. 2Z_3Z level Chinese   (More)
Mandarin Worksheets
img-323151109-0001 (More)
3Z Math Worksheet Packets
img-323152039-0001 img-323152142-0001 (More)
2Z Math Worksheet packets
img-323151523-0001  img-323151556-0001 More)
Featured Friend
Log in email: Please click the document below and find your kid's name and pin. 2nd Xtramath pin-sheets More)
Field Trip Driver
  Photocopy of their driver’s license. You may take a picture of it and send it into the office. Photocopy of proof of auto insurance (example: Insurance Declarations page - proves insurance coverage and gives liability limits) You may t (More)
Math Facts
Guided/Leveled Reading Note
Book Bags are officially coming home this coming Friday - Please read through the note and let me know if you have any questions! Hello 🙂 It's an exciting time of the year for the kindergarteners! We are starting to bring book bags home for (More)
Mandarin Characters/Strokes!
Hi Parents, Here are some information regarding Mandarin basic stroke as well as stroke order 🙂 I thought it might be interesting and/or helpful for you to know, especially when it is such a big part of your child's Mandarin learning experiences! It (More)
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