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Mystery Story

on February 19, 2016

Chloe Ensing
Mrs. Roskamp
8B, LA
12 February 2016

It was a Tuesday and Mrs. Williams was especially happy because she was looking forward to her special lunch of mountain dew and peanut butter chocolate pie. She was so happy she decided to let the students skip Bible memory for this week which also made the students happy. Also Mrs. Roskamp was drinking her well deserved, because of her run, Pepsi max with a side of chocolate without nuts because she is allergic to peanuts. Everything in 8th grade was going good for everyone except Mr. Devries. He had woken up late so he didn’t even have time to brush his hair and now that he got to school he realized he had forgotten his lunch.
It was a normal morning in 7th grade. Mrs. Zastrow and Mr. Minkus had begun teaching but Mr. Lowe as usual was late, just coming into his class and spending even more time to warm up his coffee, he finally started the morning around 8.
At lunch time all the teachers, except Mr. Devries who went out for lunch with Nicole, went to the teachers lounge to eat. Mr. Lowe was telling his students about how he had already drank 3 mountain dews today when he usually only brings two. Then when Mrs. Will opened the fridge to her surprise, her lunch was gone!!! “Who took my lunch!” she asked the teachers frustrated but trying not to get too angry. The teachers all stared blankly at her and there was no response.

It could not have been Mrs. Roskamp because she is allergic to peanuts and the pie was chocolate peanut butter. It couldn’t have been Mr. Devries because he was teaching all morning and later went out for lunch with nicole. It was Mr. Lowe because he was late in the morning. Also he drank three mountain dews even though he only usually has two because he got one from Mrs. Wills lunch.

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