Van Raalte farm field trip.

On May 28 3B went to Van Raalte farm for a field trip. In my group was Elizabeth, Kaylie, Zack, Zeke, and Mrs. Kathy. Our driver was Mrs. DenBleyker.

I learned that Lake Macatawa has a nickname. It is Lake Macatoilet. It is called that because our watershed is really small and the water doesn’t have that much time to filter. Also our sewer pipes go into Lake Macatawa.

I also got to take a hike with numbers 12-21. We got to see owl pellets, poison ivy, hamlock trees, and a bunch of other things. Later we got to go into the river with nets and look for things. I found a crayfish and some bugs. I got to dump out the container that held all of the river creatures. Our calculation for polluted water was clean. The other ones were very clean, polluted, or  very polluted.

That was my favorite field trip because we got to learn a bunch of new things. We also got to touch things and I like field trips when you get to touch things.

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