Thematic Writing – The Hunt for Dark Infinity

Thematic Writing – The Hunt for Dark Infinity

This book is all about sticking with something until the end. A whole ton of realities spiral into chaos because a bad person from the 13th reality and a bad person from the 4th reality met up. The bad person from the 13th has a wicked sort of magic. The person from the 4th is incredibly smart technologically- even to the point where he can control the person from the 13th’s magic. This made very bad things happen.

This book had many challenging obstacles to get over throughout the plot. But one theme was shown throughout all of them- persevere. Tick, Sofia, Paul, and all of the other realitants went through a harsh deal of harsh challenges; but they never gave up. Even when faced things such as giant shredder worms and thousands of brain-dead mutants. Even faced with extreme circumstances, they did not give up. They faced death head on and just shrugged it off.

The second theme in this book would have to be courage. When they were faced with things such as life-altering threats, they did nothing. However, one of these shortcomings resulted in Paul, one of the main protagonists, fracturing his arm. He then was faced with a heavily injured arm for the majority of the book until he was then healed by a realitant doctor.

In conclusion, this book is about sticking through with something until the end. I personally really enjoyed this book. The details were vivid and the plot was easy to follow and complex; plus, every part of the plot was gripping. I especially remember the part about how they had 24 hours to solve a clue or else “their lives were at stake.” Not exactly something I trailed off on. Great book- it’s gonna be a 9.5/10 from me.

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