Time Machine

6 05 2013

The thought of the question was a little crazy. Anything I could ever have? Realistic or not? What to choose, what to choose. Really, I wouldn’t want a unicorn; too normal. Then the thought of being able to have bright colored hair that grows that color out my head came to mind; too simple. Other crazy thoughts have come to my head, but none seeming what I would want, they were jokes; little ideas. Crazy, but small.¬†If I could have anything in the world I would want a time machine, well maybe. That’s what I decided. It’s like the first thing that came into my head that makes sense. But seriously, how cool would it be to be able to travel back or forward in time? You could visit all the different places. You could learn so much more. It’d be really cool. Or go forward in time, see what everything is coming to. I guess it could also be kinda scary. The idea that you could see any point in time, whether in the future or in the past. Scary, but really neat.

There are a number of things that could happen if I had a time machine. You know, like the simple, same-old idea that you would screw up the time-space-continuum¬†and then ruin all of the future ahead. Or the simple thought that you could get stuck back in time. Not that that’s likely. There’s also the small idea that you could possibly mess everything up so bad that you’d make it so you’d never been born, never existed and then you would slowly fade away to nothing. Hmm… I wonder how that’d work. You know, slowly fading away to nothing? I wonder how that would turn out.



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