The Lords Prayer


Lords Prayer

I chose the part in the Lords Prayer that says” Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth that it is in Heaven.”

I think that a lot of times when we pray we ask for stuff, we will be praying, ┬áThank you for this food please bless us amen. Or you ask, at least when I was little I’d ask for toys or something to that extent. So you wait and nothing happens that you can see. But a week later you loose something of genuine importance or don’t receive that toy that you prayed for, You get mad or you start to doubt God because what you asked for didn’t work out, ┬áthat must mean something right?. But we do these things like doubt, because we think that it’s what we want that matters, because it what we prayed for, But God might have something else in mind because it is Thy (His) kingdom come, not ours. It’s what God wants. I think in prayer we should focus on His kingdom come and listen for Him more.

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