The mystery of the locker room murder

It was an ordinary day at Zeeland Christian for most, but for Leah Cooper it was going to be her last day alive. After school one day Abby, Leah, Avery, Elle, and Nycole went to the Locker room after school because Avery had to grab her gym bag, and everyone else thought that they would go with. While they were in there they were just hanging out and talking. Then in a flash the lights turned out. A couple of the girls screamed, others stayed calm. Some of the girls thought that it was funny to scare the other girls, it kinda turned into a game. The girls who weren’t afraid of the dark were wondering around and jumping out at the others. It was fun for a while. Every once and awhile someone would flicker the lights to make it scarier. This went on for a little bit until it started to get boring. Nycole turned on the lights so Avery could grab her bag and we could leave. But what no one was expecting was to see when the lights went on was Leah lying dead by the showers. There was no blood and no screams, just leah lying there. The girls panicked. They started to wonder how she dies. They saw red marks on her throat, she was strangled to death. The girls looked around questioning who killed leah. Nycole looked straight at Avery. Avery and Leah were arguing in a group chat a couple of nights before. All the other girls in the chat thought that it was all a joke and that they were not really mad at eachother. But maybe they were wrong. Nycole began asking Avery questions like, why were you both fighting? Was it really a joke? Did you kill her? Avery was telling back at Nycole saying that she didn’t do it, but Nycole didn’t believe her. While the two of them were fighting Elle walked over to the dead body, next to her she saw something shiny under Leah’s neck. She picked it up and it was a bracelet. Avery’s bracelet. She showed the other girls what she found. “I knew it, it was Avery!” claimed Nycole. “I was framed!” yelled Avery. As she said this she pulled out her bracelet out of her backpack. “See” Avery said. “This is my bracelet, that must be someone else’s.” she explained. “Well who else has that bracelet?” asked Elle. “Nycole!” yelled Abby. “It was Nycole, she has the same bracelet.” “Why would I kill Leah?” Asked Nycole. “Because she stole your Sweatshirt! You were just telling me how mad you were the other day.” Explained Abby. “ I would never kill anyone!” yelled Nycole. After a while everyone stopped fighting. They started to think. But no one could think of anyone else. So they decided to leave it a mystery and let the police figure it out.

A little while later the police came and looked around. What they found was fingerprints. Abby’s fingerprints. The police decided that they would search abby’s backpack to see if they could find any evidence. Abby was dumb enough to put “kill Leah” on her to do list. They knew it was Abby.

The police went to the girls who were in the locker room and asked them why abby would want to kill Leah. None of them could answer. Until Chloe marched in the room and said that the reason Abby wanted to kill leah was that she could have Peter all to herself and Leah wouldn’t get in the way.