Mystery of The Stolen Hockey Stick

Jake Onstott

Mrs. Roskamp

LA, 8C

The Mystery of The Lost Hockey Stick
It was a dark Thursday night at the LC Walker Ice arena. The Lumber Jacks were playing the Grand Rapids Blades. These two teams are arch rivals and it’s always a battle when these teams play each other. The star player of the Lumberjacks Jake Onstott is hated by everyone on the Blades because they can’t stop him when he’s on the ice. Those quick hands and feet are impossible to stop and that accurate shot gets past the goalie every time. Once again it was a big game and Jake went to warm up with his team before the game. Every Time the team runs a couple of laps around the rink to get their blood flowing and their heart racing for the game. While the team did their first lap around Colby Beishuizen, the coach’s son, asked if he could go get a drink because he had a really bad cramp. Colby is a defenseman and we are really good friends we are always setting each other up for goals. After we ran the next lap Nathan Taylor, another coach’s kid, went to go to the bathroom. After the 3rd and final lap we all were stretching and getting loose but the 2 kids never came back. I kept asking the coaches where they went but they said they went to get a drink and to the bathroom. We always warm up upstairs and there is a drinking fountain there but Colby went to the downstairs Drinking fountain. When I noticed that, I became a little suspicious. While I was stretching my least favorite player on the Blades walked by me and gave me a dirty look, us two battle to death out on the ice. When he was done staring at me like a leopard he walked down the stairs near our locker.  And Nathan, what could he be doing in the bathroom for 20 minutes, I watched him go to the one upstairs. After warm ups were done I went to the locker room along with the rest of the team, to re tape my stick but when I got there it was gone. As soon as it was gone I knew it was Colby, Nathan, or the kid from the blades (Riley). I thought about why each one of these people would want to steal my stick. Colby wouldn’t do it because he’s a lefty and I’m a righty.  But maybe he is mad at me for always scoring and he hasn’t all year but he is always setting me up for the goals. Nathan would do it because we are always competing in goals and assist but it’s a friendly competition. And Riley would do it because he hates me and probably wouldn’t want me to be able to play. It’s hard to believe that my own teammate would do it though. I asked if anyone had seen my stick and when I asked all them they said no. I asked Nathan why he was taking so long in the bathroom he said he got a bloody nose and had to clean it up. When I asked colby what he was doing and why he went down stairs he said he was asking his dad something about the game, he said it was about what goalies and who was starting. But I smelled hockey wax on him and that was on my stick before it was stolen. I asked Colby why he smelled like the same wax I had on my stick and he said because he had that wax on his stick too. I told him to give me his stick so I could smell it to see and it wasn’t in the locker room and I knew it was him after that. I started looking around and couldn’t find it. So i went to the pro shop which has all hockey stuff in it to by sum tape for when I do find my stick and can retape it. I was looking at stuff in there when I noticed that there was a stick in the stick shelf that was already taped and knew sticks aren’t taped I grabbed it and it was mine. a few sticks down was Colbys. I brought it back and asked him why he would steal it. He said he was sick of me scoring and never setting him up for any goals and he thought that if I wasn’t out there someone else on the team would give him a good pass and would tap in in his first goal of the season.