April 24

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  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “The Psalms teach us to sing praise to God.” Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? What praise do you sing to God right now? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences.
    No there was not a psalm that stood out to me. There was not a phrase that stood out to me either. I would sing about how I finished my homework. Other wise I don’t sing. This is a very important extra sentence.

  2. Tell a story about a time that was difficult this week. What happened? Were there things that comforted you at all? Use at least 5 complete sentences.
    Doing my homework was hard this week. (I cant think of anther answer so this one is short)

  3. Tell a story about something this week that you were proud of. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen? Use at least 5 complete sentences.

I finished my homework. (again sorry I couldn’t think of five sentences for this one)

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