The Pearl Review

-What stands out to me from the book or one of our conversations? What impacted me most?

Our last conversation talked about how this book corresponded with the bible parable the Pearl of Great Price. While I was reading the book, I just looked at it as like another ordinary book that we had to read for class. But when we started talking about how it related to the bible I became a little more interested in the meaning to the book and how well the book and the parable actually fit together. That’s also what impacted me the most.

-What do you learn from this book or one of our conversations? Why does it matter?

I always knew that greed was a horrible thing. I never knew that it could take control of someone like that. That just shows me how awful things could actually become when you are so consumed with greed. It also showed me that possessions such as the pearl don’t matter. The things that matter for real are things like your family. It was hard for me to relate to Kino in that situation, it just made me realize.

-How does what you learned cause you to live, think, or approach the people around you differently?

It will help me be grateful for what I do have, and not to want more and more. It also showed me that people are a big part of your life, no matter what. Kino didn’t really realize how much he really needed certain people in this book. But I noticed how often Kino relied on people during this book. It shows me that I need to be love everyone and thank them for everything they do for me.

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