The Eagle Hunteress

Response to the Film:

I think that is was a great film showing girls that they can do more than they think. Just because it is an all male sport/event doesn’t mean you can try to do some of the things they can. She tried to do the best she can ┬áin what she did. When she first said that she wanted to I thought her father would turn her down. But I was wrong. He said it was a great idea to keep it running in the family. But they talked to the elders about it they said no which I found to be a surprise because they could be expanding the range of food they are getting. Getting girls to follow through with there dreams of doing something men mostly do it a step up because men look down on women most of the time because they don’t think they can handle what they do.

Response to the Article:

I think that it could have been staged because some of it looked a bit fake. but if they say it not I guess I’m will have to take their word for it. I think it would have been hard to film that in the moment. I mean it all happened so fast. They must have some great photographers. When they show how it all happened it kind of reminds me what I am able to do. I dont have to do just girly things. I can play sports that boys might be better at. As long as a work hard at it I can do it.


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