A week in review: November 12 – 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Week

This past week was an incredible one in Kindergarten; I feel as if we are all adjusting to this transition very well and the kids are so eager to learn!

As I am stepping into this new role I am trying a few different things. One thing you may hear about is our bucket of bears. This is an incentive for the kids to transition quickly and quietly. When they do a great job I put a bear in the bucket. When they receive 25 bears they will be rewarded with a pajama day in which they may also bring a small stuffed animal or small pillow. We have also started a tally mark “game” where I receive a tally for calling someone by the wrong name (which is made a bit harder because there are twins in the class!) After 20 tallies the kids will receive a small treat. Your children seem to respond well to these types of incentives and we can also use the incentives for opportunities for us to practice counting by fives and counting on!

I am looking forward to this coming week and the wonderful holiday that it brings; so very thankful for all the love and support I have received from you and for the opportunity to teach your amazing children! God is good!


  • November 20: All school chapel (9am)
  • November 20: Friends-giving Celebration(see below)
  • November 21-23: Thanksgiving vacation

A Few Additional Reminders:

Friends-giving Celebration: Please remember to send in 20 bite sized pieces of your child’s favorite food on Tuesday morning. I welcome you to be as creative or simple as you wish. Please send the food in pre-cut and ready to eat. If it is a food that should be eaten warm you could send it in a thermos or a glass container. Thanks for helping us celebrate Thanksgiving together.

School wide Thanksgiving Donations: We will be supporting Parkview Home and Harvest Stand Ministries this Thanksgiving season. Household items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, shampoo, toilet paper, paper plates and cleaning supplies may be dropped off in the hallway during the next week.

Nativity Project: In December we will begin our Nativity project. Please bring in a shoe box with your child’s name on it and at least 6 toilet paper tubes inside of it by Wednesday, November 28. I will be sending a sign up genius out soon for help in class making the characters as well as the material needed for them.

Volunteers: If you have signed up to volunteer this week and haven’t talked with me please let me know. I think I have touched base with everyone for this week. I will still need my Tuesday lunch volunteer as we will be continuing to have our grade level meetings on Tuesday at noon! I am hoping to have a bit more clarity with this after the holiday. Thank you for your patience!


Bible: This week we continued our stories on Abraham and Isaac. We were also able to say our Bible verse, Genesis 8:22. There were a few who were gone when we said this who will get a chance to do it this week.

Word Wall Word/Morning Work: we

Handwriting: Z,C and O

Daily 5 (Read to Self/Work on Writing/Listen to Reading): We were able to do two rounds of Daily 5 in a row for the first time this week. We continue to listen to reading, work on writing and labeling, read to self and work in groups with me. Their stamina is continuing to grow and I am hoping to introduce the last two parts(read to someone and word work) of Daily 5 this week! In December we will use our work on writing time to write Christmas cards, if you want to cut the fronts off of any cards you receive the kids love to write on those like they are postcards! Please send them in anytime!

Writing workshop: We are continuing to work on labeling both as we write and with extra activities.

Interactive Read Aloud: This week we read Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and practiced predicting what might happen next. We also tried blueberries afterwards and I found out that many of my kindergarten friends don’t like blueberries!

Exploring God’s World: This week we continued learning about God’s earth. We predicted whether or not the earth was more water or land and then played a fun game to figure it out! We passed an inflatable globe around and charted where our fingers landed. It was so fun to see their reactions as we found out there is definitely more water!

Math: This week we took a test like older kids would do! We spread out around the room as I guided each question. The kids did amazing and I am thrilled with their knowledge from the last unit!

Afternoons: We are working on a daily routine for the afternoons. Mondays and Wednesdays we will be doing math centers and Tuesdays and Thursdays we will be doing literacy activities. This week we made a class Thanksgiving book of things each student was thankful for. The books we make as a class are some of their favorites to read! We have also continued grocery store during play time as well as art center which is a favorite! If you have any extra beads at your house feel free to send them in they love making bracelets and necklaces!

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