March 2-6

This week we kicked off our March is reading month.  It was Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Monday so we did a lot of fun activities to celebrate him and his writing this week! Ask them about how hard it was for Mrs. Arnold to read the book Fox in Socks and all the rhymes in it! This week Wednesday will be wear a hat day as we continue to celebrate March is reading month!  We also had an ice cream party on Thursday afternoon as the class reached 20 tally marks before Mrs. Arnold.  (The tallies were given any time I called a student the wrong name!) This was a fun way to learn about tally marks and also count by 5’s.  We will probably play this game one more time to continue to practice counting and tally marks.

Important dates: 

Wednesday, March 11: Wear a HAT to celebrate with the book Cat and the Hat

Tuesday, March 17: Wear GREEN to celebrate with the book Green Eggs and Ham

*Reminder that K & 1st grade WILL NOT be participating in the elementary program

Tuesday, March 24-Field Trip to Visser Farms 10:30-11:30. Drivers plan on arriving at school at 10:05. *Dress for any weather as we will be walking to different buildings on the farm. Boots are preferred if there is any snow or wet ground.

Friday, March 27: Wear PAJAMAS to celebrate with the book The Sleep Book

April 3-10 Spring Break

April 16: Field trip to the Critter Barn, More information below and sign up genius coming soon

April 17 ZCS Auction

Additional information:

The field trip to Critter Barn is scheduled for April 16 from 12:30-2:30. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather and, if it is at all muddy or wet, boots are highly recommended.  A sign up genius will be sent out soon. I am asking that you come to school at about 12:10 that day and we should get back around 2:45. I am also asking that no one order hot lunch that day as there will not be enough time for them to eat it.

If you are interested-

Spanish Summer Camp – Signup is open! Please help us to spread the word for our Spanish Summer Camp. Family, relatives and neighbors are welcome to come to be immersed in awesome games, familiar stories, new songs, and exciting crafts that are all taught COMPLETELY in the Spanish language.

This link will take you directly to the Registration website for our summer Expand(ED) camps. There are other fun summer camps through ZCS! 🙂


Bible: We finished up our unit on Jesus’ miracles. Learning about the miracles of Jesus walking on the water and raising Lazarus from the dead. Next week we start our unit on the parables. This is one of my favorite units of the year to teach!

Word wall words: who (So far this year we have done:  I, the, a, am, look, see, at. go, we, me, up, is, like, this, here, come, my, it, in and on)

Daily 5: This week we added some fun word work with stickers and first letter sounds. We are continue to work through the leveled library books and they should almost always come home with a new book in their bag over the weekend. An important part of learning to become readers is having success at reading and finding confidence in their ability to read!

Phonics: We added -ad to our word families.

Math: This week we added numbers on to 10 to make teen numbers. For example, 10+5= 15, 10+7=17 etc. We worked in groups to find the answers and then made it into a memory game as well!

Writing Workshop: We are learning to write how to instructions. This week we learned about sequencing and using the words first, next and last. We then drew pictures to illustrate the steps we take to get ready for school. Next week, we will begin to write our own instructions with them.