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Here is the parent night slides. Parent Night 2020.pptx (1)

Here is the updated drop off pick up information as well as a lot of other helpful information. We are excited to try it out! Please note the school may need to make adjustments as the year goes on. There was also an email sent from the school with visuals of the signs we will be using and map showing the routes and doors.

Here are some questions and answers from some parent emails.

Questions & Answers:

Are we using beach towels this year? Yes, please include a beach towel in a reuse bag for your child to use at rest or other times of the day when we need a designated spot.

Are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches allowed? I have sent an email out to our school nurse to confirm that we do not have any food allergies. I will let you know if she provides any different information, but right now I can YES, peanut butter is allowed.

When do we drop off school supplies? Please bring supplies to the open house Monday. Thank you so much for providing these. Any extra donations may also be dropped off at the open house.

Drop off and Pick up…there were some questions on this and I think the email from school covered it well. We will continue to get to know this system as we try it out. Remember that you may park and then walk your child into school for the first week and then after that first week you may park and walk them to the door or drop off with the car line. Kindergarten uses Door I.

Finally, for some fun Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Bronsink decided to show you our many faces as you may not see them all behind our masks!!! Enjoy your weekend!


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