September 8-11

I hope your child is getting into the swing of things this year. It feels like we are starting to get into some “normal” routines as we have now finished our third week of school! It is a joy and privilege to be able to teach them everyday and more than anything I pray they are learning to love Jesus more this year!

I just wanted to touch base with you concerning my absence for the past two days. I woke up on Thursday with a fever and was fighting a bit of a cough. Normally, I can get allergies this time of year so I wasn’t particularly concerned other than the fact that they were accompanied by a fever.  I made a quick call to the doctor and he recommended a Covid-19 test. I apologize I needed to be out for two days but I needed to be cleared for the safety of everyone in our classroom and building. I just received the results today that the test was NEGATIVE. I will be back at school with your children on Monday! Thank you for your understanding and patience in this regard. This year may look at a bit different at times, but together we will not only survive but thrive!

Now to the important stuff;) I also hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Thanks for sending in clean masks every day!
  • Thanks for dressing in layers in this season of ever changing weather.
  • Friday, September 18: No Bussing
  • Friday, September 25: Half day/Teacher Professional Development
  • 1st-8th grade classrooms sent out videos for their information night. Kindergarten families had our videos before school began. I think we have answered most questions and learn more and more as we go. I am attaching an overview of Kindergarten Curriculum at ZCS. You may read through it any time.

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview.docx – Google Docs

Curriculum review:

Bible: This week in Bible we finished up the Fruits of the Spirit. We learned and discussed goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. We also sang our two Fruit of the Spirit songs at least once a day! Ask your child to sing them for you, by the time we were done they were doing a great job and could almost all say all of the Fruits of the Spirit!

Math: This week we worked on counting as well as drawing and finding different numbered groups of things. We also finished reading through Anno’s Counting Book. We will be referring to that throughout the year. We also did our lesson by video just to practice for if we would ever need to go to remote learning and the kids did wonderful!!

Reading: We continued working our way through the alphabet. We worked on writing the letters H, I, J and K as well as listening to the sounds they each make and finding them in text (our alphabet packets). We also talked about how important it is to learn the letters and their sounds as it will help us to become good readers!!! For the letter I we also enjoyed an ice cream sandwich!:)









Phonics: We worked on recognizing our names and the names of our classmates. We decorated our name as well as explored what makes our name unique and in what ways our names are similar. 

Social Studies: We were able to add several new friends to our Book of Friends. This is a great way to start to recognize our friends’ names as well as practice our fine motor skills as we write their names. Plus we get to learn more about those around us!

Afternoons: Afternoons in our classroom vary from day to day depending on if we have specials or not. On days when we do not have as many specials we will have a quiet time as well as some purposeful play time. It is fun to watch the kids interact and problem solve as they play.

Finally we celebrated our first birthday of the year! Crew is now 6!! We all enjoyed his birthday treat as well! Happy birthday Crew!!!


My apologies on not getting your papers to you this week about signing in to seesaw. I had 12 of my friends take pictures of something in our classroom but unfortunately with my being sick the last few days I need to finish up with the last 5 friends.  I will plan on sending the papers in by midweek. If you do not see them by Wednesday please let me know!!!


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