Picture Book Advice

My top ten picture book advice (the first five are from Montes):
1. Even though rules can be broken, you still need to have a good grasp on the basic conventions, elements, and structure that make a good book. This is true whether you’re writing a short story, a long or short novel, or picture book.
2 Think in pictures. This is where pacing is important.
3.Tell a good story-one that the reader can’t put down.
4. A story should be a satisfying as it is simple.
5. A picture book must appeal to first the editor, second to the buyer, who is an adult, third to the child.
The next four are from Edward
6. Have respect for young audience
7. Use your words to tell the illustrator what to do, be descriptive.
8. Read everything out loud replace words.
9. Don’t be afraid to use what your character does and says to tell us what they are like.
The next one is from Fox
10. Read recent picture books over and over again.

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