September 29

More questions about Felicity’s Surprise

Title: Felicity’s Surprise


What do I think is going to happen when Felicity’s mother gets sick?

When am I going to learn what Felicity’s surprise is?



I wonder why Felicity gave her special doll away?

What might happen if Felicity’s mother dies?



What would have happened if her friend didn’t go to the ball with her?

Would I be friends with Felicity if she was in my class at ZCS?

September 25

Questions in reading Felicity’s Surprise


I wonder what dress she was going to wear to the Governor’s ball?

I wonder why the author chose this title, what will the surprise be?



     Why did the Boston Tea party actually happen?

       What might happen if her Dad loses his job?


After :

        I still need to find out what happens at the Governor’s ball.

Do I know someone like her Mom, who sews and likes to decorate for the holidays,…my Grandma.