Newsletter 28: Week of April 22

Week Overview

We had an awesome week! Our field trip to the Critter Barn and Lawrence Park was such a fun day! I’m so proud of the kids for coming out of their comfort zones and trying new things- petting new animals and even milking a goat! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the parents who helped out!

Important Dates

May 4: Pen Pal Pizza Party

May 4: Fun Night

May 9: 1/2 Day (Tulip Time)

May 10&11: No PM busing and No hot lunch

June 6: Field trip to Farmers Market


  • Farmers Market: On Wednesday, June 6 we’ll be heading to our last kindergarten field trip, the Farmers Market! From there we’ll head to Kollen Park for a picnic lunch. We will not be eating hot lunch that day. We will be back to school about 12:45. “Morning kids” are welcome to stay until then! If you need to pick your child up at the normal 11:50 time, please meet us at Kollen Park.
    • We are still looking for a couple more drivers for this field trip! It’s a little more hands-on so I’d like to make the groups a bit smaller than normal if possible. The only way to do that is with your help! 🙂 We’ll be leaving about 9:30 that morning. Please use this link to sign up. Thank you!
  • Pen Pal Celebration: Please follow this link to sign up for volunteering during our pen pal celebration or to bring pizza ingredients if you are able and interested! Thank you!


Bible: We started our new unit on parables this week. We read the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin. We learned that God loves us so much and seeks us out when we are far from him.

Literacy: This week we talked about the verb “estar” again. Last week we learned that this important word is used to describe the location of an object or person. This week we learned that it’s also used to talk about present progressive verbs. In English these verbs end in -ing. This time we focused on how to express something in the form “I am ____.” Estoy ______.

  • Reading strategy: Inferring
  • Read aloud: Sana Ranita Sana
  • Vocabulary words
    • la cucharada (tablespoon)
    • curar (cure)
    • enfermo (sick)
    • el abrazo (hug)
    • las caricias (pats… think on the head or pats on the shoulder :))
    • linda/o (cute, sweet)
    • cariñosa/o (loving)
    • las cosquillas (tickles)
  • Word wall word: bueno (good)
  • Phrase of the week: Yo también. (Me too!)
  • Letter of the week: Jj

Math: We got to use lots of manipulatives in math this week as we represented teen numbers as 10 and some more. Almost everyone has finished the math test! I hope to send this home next week.

Writing Workshop: We wrote to our pen pals again this week! This time we drew them a picture of ourselves in a special place and practiced using our new phrase, “Yo estoy en ____.” to describe our picture.

Exploring God’s World: Our Exploring God’s World unit took us to The Critter Barn this week! Thank you, again, to everyone who helped make this day so amazing! We learned about many different animals including goats, chickens, ducks, cats, rabbits, and cows. I’m excited to use this adventure to give one of our Daily 5 writing choices a memorable context.

Up in Lights: I struggled to get this picture in our blog last week so here is Clara’s picture to celebrate her Up in Lights week last week! We love you, Clara!

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