Newsletter 34: Week of June 3

Week Overview

What a fantastic week! We started our week with the Memorial Day parade and the kids did a wonderful job marching in the parade and honoring those who protect our freedoms here, especially remembering those who gave their lives to do so. Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe and getting all of the jackets turned back in. Fridayday the kids proudly presented their PBL projects. They worked so hard on those projects and it was such a blessing to be able to share them with you! I am one very proud teacher! Thank you for celebrating with us! Thank you, as well, for bringing in the yummy cookies!

The week ahead of us brings another field trip and lots of celebrating the end of the year. We will spend time intentionally slowing down, soaking in our time together, and reflecting on God’s faithfulness throughout our school year. I plan on savoring my last moments with your children, the students I have fallen so deeply in love with this year!

This is our last newsletter this year, and I want to say one more time how grateful I am for all of you! Thank you so much for all your support and help this school year. Thank you for your prayers, your encouraging words, and all your hard work! I couldn’t do my job without you!

Important Dates

June 5: All-school chapel 9:00

June 6: Field trip to Farmers Market and Kollen Park. Please pack a sack lunch for your child. We’ll be back to school about 12:45.

June 7: Last day of school- no pm bussing


  • Batons: Each child at ZCS receives a baton in kindergarten. Inside the baton is a personal note I wrote for your child. Please read these notes with your child, write a note of your own if you want, and pass the baton to your child’s 1st grade teacher next fall. (There is also a letter inside the baton explaining in further detail how this ZCS tradition works.) I do not hand the batons out all in one day, but rather we do a few each day. When I pass the baton to your child we lay hands on your child and pray specifically for them. Please watch for a baton to come home this week if it didn’t already.
  • Countdown to Summer Continues!
    • Monday: Water Day (There is NO need for a bathing suit.)
    • Tuesday: eXchange autographs
    • Wednesday: Wear Yellow
    • Thursday: Zip up your bags and Zoom home!
  • Summer Learning:
    • Bookmarks: Read 20 books over the summer and earn your way into an ice cream party next school year! This went home last week.
    • Books List: Our reading teachers have compiled a great list of books to read over the summer! Please check it out here: K-2Summer-Reading-Ideas-1g2i69a-1vtgev3
    • Summer Review Packet: With a little help from TeachersPayTeachers the kindergarten teachers at ZCS have been compiling a set of optional review activities for you to work on with your kindergartener this summer if you would like to. This went home this past week.
  • Bus Tags: All students who typically ride the bus may turn in their bus tags to their bus driver on their last bus ride, either to or home from school.  Kids who are not riding anymore this year, or who don’t typically ride at all, may bring them to the office now.


Bible: In this unit we are talking about the first church and Paul’s journeys. This week we learned how God healed people through his disciples.

Literacy: This week we talked about question words. Our new knowledge helped us create the invitations to our PBL celebration.

  • Reading strategy: Inferring
  • Read aloud: El Mundo Marino
  • Vocabulary words
    • nadar (to swim)
    • el coral (coral)
    • la mancha (spot)
    • la almeja (clam)
    • la aleta (fin)
  • Word wall word: ¿cuándo? cuando (when)
  • Phrase of the week: ¿Cuándo vamos a recreo? (When are we going to recess?)
  • Letter of the week: review of vowels (a, e, i, o, u)

Math: We continue learning about 3D shapes. This week we learned a fun chant and some motions to help us remember how to identify each shape.

Exploring God’s World: Another huge thank you for all of your support during our PBL! Thursday was a very exciting and long-anticipated day! This coming week we’ll head to the farmers market to put many science/social studies concepts into practice. We’ll practice trading money for the goods we’d like to buy and will learn more about goods and services.

Writing Workshop: We continue working on How-To books. As a class your kids wanted to write about how to do a PBL. 🙂 Many kids are also choosing to write books from their own list of ideas.

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