Dear Mom,

I will do what you ask me to do

mom I will love you forever

I will give you hugs

even the bad times

I still love you mom,

you are the best mom in the hole world

I will listen to you

you did a lot of things for me when I was 1 and when I was 10.




Food Chain


Food chain,

I have learned that in science the food chain: plant caterpillar wren hawk.

A producer is an organism that makes its own food. Plants are producers.

A consumer is living thing whose food comes from other living things.

A decomposer is a living thing that breaks down waste and plant and animal remains for its source of energy.

By Nathan Ribbens

the Drive in

 The drive in incident

My family was getting ready to go too a drive in movie we got in the van and left

KOA it was about 5 blocks away and we got there. Then are mom payed to watch

two movies Despicable me 2 and that one was starting and monsters university

is next after Despicable me 2 later when Despicable me 2 was over the commercials

we’re starting and then a…?

Car ran over the cord to make the movies work and they stop’ed and everybody

was leaving and we got refunds and we came back another night and saw monsters university.