Picture Book Advice *_*

Mem Fox:

1. Try not to copy the ideas or structures of recent well-known books.

2.Ensure the text is written grammatically, and spelling and punctuation are correct

3.Do write narrative tension, solve a problem

Marisa Montes:

1. Make sure a picture book you must do two things:

a. Think pictures  (16 pictures to be precise.)  This is were the pacing important.

b. Combine lyricism or wordplay with a tight, simple style. It helps is your a natural poet or if you’ve taken poetry classes or read a lot of poetry.

2. The type of stories to write when you’re writing a picture book

a. A story that inspires the reader.

b. Avoid stories with a message or a moral.

Sue Bradford Edwards

1.Think like a preschooler

2. Describe your character

3.One step at a time

4. complete story

5. tell what he/she likes



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